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Hawaii’s Best Shore Excursions [2018]

From the majestic volcanoes forming this island’s landscape to the soaring seaside cliffs and lush tropical beaches, Hawaii is one of the most fascinating and unique holiday destinations in the world. Experiencing all that Hawaii has to offer by land through shore excursions is an experience that comes once in a lifetime. Trips range from kayaking with a stunning array of marine life to marveling at the breathtaking Kohala waterfall and enjoying a Honolulu city tour hop on hop off.

If you are planning on visiting Hawaii, here is a sample of what the great shore has to offer.

Maui, Hawaii

The Haleakala, which translates to “House of the Sun,” is the highest point on Maui at approximately 10,023 feet above the sea level. Haleakala last eruption was in 1970, and it is the largest dormant volcano in the world. The views from Haleakala are just magnificent. When the skies are clear, one can see the peaks of the Big Island’s Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes towering above the clouds. You get a chance to see the endangered nene (Hawaiian goose) which is the state’s bird. You also don’t want to miss the breathtaking views of the sunset and sunrise during your excursion. If you love nature or you are a photo buff, do not miss this excursion. The pictures are phenomenal from these shores.

Big Island: Kona, Hawaii

On this excursion, you have to take a raft to the bay. Kealakekua Bay is home to a protected marine sanctuary and the Captain Cook monument. You can go swimming and snorkel in the clear waters of the island; after which you will return to the raft for a chance to explore the lava tubes and sea caves. You can get to the Captain Cook monument by water or a hiking trail if you wish. You will also get a chance to learn about the geology and history of Kona island while still having tonnes of fun.

Big Island dolphin snorkel and swim excursion

Dolphins are beautiful and amazingly intelligent. Getting a chance to swim with them in their natural habitat is an experience that is unique to Hawaii. During this excursion, you get firsthand experience on how gentle, curious, and interested dolphins can be. You get a chance to interact with spinner dolphins off the Kona coast where they are all year round. They will entertain you with their acrobatic spins and flips as they leap out of the water. Seeing the dolphins is one tour you do not want to miss during your Hawaii excursions Honolulu. Just get a guide to take you where the dolphins are often spotted.

Hawaii is a fantastic island filled with breathtaking scenery, calm-clear waters, friendly locals, and tonnes of activities to engage in when on vacation. Here you can create memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, the splendor of Hawaii is not just what is on land; there is an infinite beauty under the water. Take one of the excursions and find out for yourself!

Best Caribbean Couple Cruises Of 2018

Are you looking for the best couple cruises of 2018 to go on vacation with your loved one? Do you want to have a romantic getaway with minimal disturbance from playful, yelling kids? Well, here are some of the best couple cruise lines in the Caribbean that you ought to try out in 2018. They all encompass luxury, style, quality service, and an exceptional adult-feel atmosphere.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania is one of the best cruises to explore for mature couples. Especially couples who are looking for a romantic getaway into the sea. It is a haven for great food, wine, art, design, and service. Oceania cruises are so adult-oriented that you will find nude art pieces by Pablo Picasso on board; among many other art pieces by artists such as Damien Hist and Joan Miro.

Oceania has three 15-year old ships with a capacity of 684 passengers (Insignia, Nautica, and Regatta) plus two new builds with a capacity of 1250 passengers (Marina and Riviera). All the ships feature sophisticated specialty restaurants, spas, cooking school, and some of the best coffee bars you will ever find at sea.

Windstar Cruises

Windstar ships are also a great cruise option for adults and couples looking to have a good time at sea without mingling with kids. The vessel only carries between 148 and 310 passengers, drawing in pairs and singles particularly with their yacht club-like feel. The Wind Surf and Wind Spirit ships are among the best options for couples. These ships offer retractable marinas to let them enjoy water sports such as skiing, kayaking, sailing, and snorkeling.

There is plenty of tranquil space to hold a dinner for two both indoors and outdoors. You can also enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner by the pool. As well as sample different local and creative cuisine in the main restaurants.


SeaDream is another outstanding romantic cruise option for you in 2018. With its twin ships SeaDream I and SeaDream II cruising around the Caribbean from November to April, it’s your chance to explore what these luxury adults-only all-inclusive cruises have to offer. The ships carry only 112 passengers each, and the inclusive fares cover tips, wines, and spirits. You also get Bulgari toiletries and pajamas with your names.

Experts prepare the food; a cabin is designed for two, and there are plenty of exciting activities on board for you to enjoy including beach picnics. You also get the chance to experience a lovely night under the stars with your loved one on their large daybeds.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity cruises new ships have been designed and tailored to cater for couples on adult getaways instead of families on vacation. They are an ultimate combination of sophistication and style, making them a perfect hub for picnicking.  Most of the spaces onboard are tailor-made for parties of two, including wine bars, dining venues, pool lounges and top-deck lawns.

You will get to enjoy some real grass lawn on the ships top decks, snuggle on the cozy double sun beds, and cuddle as you relax in the beautifully crafted hammocks under the sun.

These are just some of the top best couple Caribbean cruises to opt for in 2018. Royal Caribbean adults only journeys would also be a great option to consider. Remember, you can even choose free clothing cruises for adults to the Caribbean with some companies such as Bliss Cruise.

Best Destination for First Time Cruisers [2018]

Going on your first cruise can be an exciting and overwhelming adventure at the same time. There is plenty to learn and things to consider before settling on the specific cruise ship to travel. As well as, the shore excursions to undertake during your cruise. Thinking that you will spend most of your time aboard a cruise ship, your destination, in this case, will be the ship.

So, from the “party boats” in the Caribbean to the luxury yachts in the Mediterranean, here are some of the best destinations for first-time cruisers in 2018.

1.    Carnival Cruise Line

A Carnival cruise is one of the best destinations for first-time cruisers. Particularly, those looking for cheap cruises from the state. They are one of the most alluring cruising lines. These ships appeal to a broad spectrum of vacationers looking to have super-fun on their trip without having to break their banks. Carnival cruise line emphasizes 3-day cruises, 5-day cruises, and 7day cruises, which translate to low prices (around $80 or lower per person per night) and more deals frequently.

2.    Norwegian Cruise Line

The Norwegian cruise line is another excellent destination for cruises from NYC. With a total of 14 ships to its fleet, first-time cruisers on a budget can regularly get last-minute deals from this cruise line. Deals can range from as low as $50-$70 per person per night. There are plenty of activities to enjoy on board including live music, shows, and comedy among more. For a cruise to the Bahamas and Cuba with the Norwegian Sky, you get to enjoy free unlimited premium beverages that are all-inclusive for the upfront fare.

3.    Royal Caribbean International

The Royal Caribbean International is one of the best cruise line destinations for adrenaline junkies. With over 20 ships in its fleet, there is a wide variety of options to choose from depending on your style. Depending on the boat you book, you will have a fun-filled adventure with lots of activities including zip lining, wall climbing, ice, and inline skating, surfing, waterslides, basketball, volleyball, and more. It is the perfect first cruiser destination for teens, tweens and adrenaline junkies.

4.    Disney Cruise Line

For first-timers looking for a fun-filled cruise adventure, particularly for their kids, Disney cruise line is the perfect destination cruise. For a simple, 3 to 7 nights cruise, your kids will have fun like never before. Disney strives to bring its theme parks tradition into cruising. While at the same time, providing precisely what parents with small children need on vacations. They have unique entertainment, dining, and childcare like no other cruise. Disney ships are full of signature characters such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Goofy to keep kids entertained. They also provide expansive play areas themed after favorite Marvel, Disney, Pixar and Star Wars movies.

5.    Holland America Line

The Holland America line is a perfect destination cruise for first-time solo travelers looking to socialize and connect with other travelers. It hosts plenty of parties and games for onboard singles to give them a chance and time to join. The line also group singles together for dining upon request. At the same time, facilitates a room matching service for solo travelers of the same sex.

These are some of the best destination cruises for first-time travelers in 2018. Depending on your budget and time of vacation, you will surely have fun with either of these cruises from NYC.

Best Cruise Ships – The Top 10 Cruise Ships [2018]

Find the best cruise ship for 2018 ever thought of taking your family or your significant other on holiday to one of the best cruise destinations? Cruising is the best way to get away from it all. It’s a fantastic and a memorable experience. Some cruise ships are best suited for a family getaway or a romantic holiday. Additionally, you can board either a luxury ship or a regular one. We will discuss the top 10 cruise ships for 2018.

Here are the Top 10 Cruise Ships 2018

1. Crystal Serenity 

It’s one of the best luxury cruise ships from one of the best cruise lines around for those looking to experience a first-class personal service and an extraordinary experience. Also, the vessel boasts of a passenger to crew ratio of 1070: 655, promising a highly-individualized service.

All manner of entertainment from year-round tournaments, music, to shows and much more are available. Furthermore, the ship features two elegant restaurants making it the best luxury cruise lines for family trips. Plus, you can enjoy your breakfast, dinner or supper in a classy dining room.

2. Symphony of the Seas

Expected to start sailing in 2018, the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas will most likely take the first position as the most significant cruise ship ever built. Symphony of the Seas is among the top cruise ships and will have a capacity of 6,000 guests.

The ship will be a game changer in the industry with features like robot bartenders, an aqua theater, on sail 20 restaurants and an ice skating rink. Stay tuned for more information on the Symphony of the Sea and along with passport and visa requirement for the Symphony of the Seas Cruises.

3. Crystal Symphony

Although smaller than the Crystal Serenity, Crystal Symphony is one of the best luxury ships for couples or family. It has a capacity of 922 cruisers and seeks to offer an unforgettable holiday.

Some of the properties you cannot ignore include an on-deck jazz brunch, redesigned spa, and a fitness garden. Also, the cruise ship has 545 cruise crews who make your service a priority.

4. Disney Dream

As one of the best luxury cruise lines for the family, it has a capacity of 4,000 passengers. The ship takes pride in properties worth noting such as a virtual sports simulator, live shows, and AquaDuck water coaster.

5. Regent Seven Seas Explorer

The Regent Seven Seas Explorer is another one of the ships in the best luxury cruise lines for couples. It features everything that sophisticated couples would want from spas, gyms, marble bathrooms, extended balcony for the outside view to gourmet cuisine. Also, spacious rooms for your comfort.

6. Disney Fantasy

It’s the Disney’s newest ship, underwent a renovation in 2017 and now promises new and hot features for cruisers in 2018. The boat now includes Tiffany & Co retail store and Marvels Super Heroes Academy. As a family oriented ship, it comes with staterooms crafted with families in mind.

7. Celebrity Edge

Another revolutionary ship expected to start sail in 2018. It boasts of well-thought-out features like infinite verandas and magic carpet. Sailors can enjoy the view of the sea and the sky from the Resort Deck located in the outdoors.

8. Norwegian Bliss

Built for the Alaskan cruises, Norwegian Bliss should start sailing in summer 2018. The sailors can chill and watch the birds and sea animals from the Observation Lounge. It’s expected to provide the best dining, sailing and entertainment experiences for the Alaskan cruises.

9. Viking Orion

Viking Orion is another one of the award-winning ships expected in 2018. The boat will feature everything on board from a thermal suite with a snow room, infinity pool, wifi, states rooms with private verandas to a two-story explorers’ lounge.

10. Seabourn Encore

Finally, there’s Seabourn Encore, most certainly one of the best luxury ships. It prides itself on a passenger to crew ratio of 600:400 to guarantee personalized services for every sailor. The boat has everything a classic cruiser would want from an expansive spa, 300 suites with balconies, cabana to the VIPs-only access, The Retreat.

Monarch Of The Seas Cruise Ship – Expert Reviews & Passport Information

The “Monarch Of The Seas” Promises You Luxury, Peace, And Quiet

All aboard the Monarch Of The Seas, an expansive and luxurious cruise ship that’s perfect for your next ocean getaway. It weighs in at 73,941 tons with a capacity to comfortably hold up to 2,390 guests. While it may not be the most significant cruise ship out there, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Navigating around will be particularly quick and easy!

Perfect for couples or large families. The Monarch Of The Seas boasts an array of amenities guaranteed to provide fun and luxury for everyone aboard, regardless of age.

Comfortably Swanky Staterooms

Offering multiple stateroom options sure to fit almost all budgets and living requirements. You are sure to find accommodation here that suits.

Starting with small 120-square-foot cabins, each stateroom has all of the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. If luxury is what you’re opting for, the top-of-the-range Royal Suites are guaranteed to impress. They’re 700 square feet in size and complete with a separate living area, dining area, whirlpool bathtub, and large balcony. It’s like a five-star hotel room on the open sea.

Peace And Quiet

Unlike the majority of other large cruise ships, Monarch Of The Seas conveniently stashes the majority of its staterooms toward the front of the boat, with most public rooms situated at the back. When you’re heading back to your cabin at the end of a long day, you won’t be disturbed by unwanted noise.

Offering an array of shops, bars, a contemporary theater, two large swimming pools, and a fitness center, you’ll always have something to do. For the kids, there’s the exclusive Adventure Ocean Club packed full of activities guaranteed to keep them busy.

Choose the Monarch Of The Seas for your next luxury vacation on the water!

Explorer Of The Seas Cruise Ship – Expert Reviews & Passport Information

The “Explorer Of The Seas” Is Big and Beautiful

Offering a true city-at-sea experience, the Explorer Of The Seas is the perfect destination for your next family cruise. Complete with amenities to suit all ages, this ship provides a unique balance of luxury and unparalleled fun.

Weighing in at a colossal 138,000 tons with a capacity of up to 3,114 guests, this ocean liner is a real sight to behold. As impressive inside as its expansive exterior. The Explorer Of The Seas is part of the world’s eighth-largest fleet of cruise ships. Hence, just like its sister ships, the Explorer is guaranteed to offer a second-to-none experience for all.

Super Comfy Staterooms

The effortlessly comfortable and well-designed variety of staterooms onboard the Explorer manage to match with a range of lodging preferences. Thus, they all feature luxurious touches such like interactive televisions, minibars, and spacious vanities. You’ll almost forget that you’re at sea!

Hence, starting with 265-square-foot Junior Suites, Explorer staterooms grow in size to the huge 1,087-square-foot Royal Suites that are perfect if you really want to splurge during this cruise. Complete with a whirlpool bath, baby grand piano, and a giant private veranda. So, the Royal Suites aboard this ship give a whole new meaning to the word “stateroom.”

Royally Fun Amenities

Furthermore, this ship’s central hub has to be its expansive Royal Promenade. Providing easy access to other amenities and acting as a useful meeting place. A four-story horizontal atrium. The Royal Promenade stretches across almost three-quarters of the ship’s entire length. In addition, it features sophisticated bars, eateries, shops, and live entertainment.

Throughout the rest of the ship, you’ll find multiple sporting options, a two-level spa, three-story theater, a large swimming pool, and the Adventure Ocean Center that’s perfect for kids.

So, for one truly fantastic cruise that you’ll never forget, secure your place aboard Explorer Of The Seas.

Sun Princess Cruise Ship – Expert Reviews & Passport Information

The Sun Princess Brings A New Spin To Luxury Cruises

When the Sun Princess launched its maiden voyage in 1995, it was the largest cruise ship in the world. This title was not for long. However, the Sun has become one of the smaller ships to sail the seas to date. Weighing in at only 77,000 tons, the ship carries 2,000 passengers and a crew of 924.

The Sun Princess was not design for the typical cruise-goer. It is not glitzy or overly glamorous. It is not flooded with onboard activities and group participation events. Rather, it was created for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of their daily life, to be a place of luxury, relaxation, and unwinding. The decor takes on a more natural appearance while still maintaining its elegant appeal. With finishes of etched glass, wood, and marble. Instead of feeling like a neon city on the ocean, this luxury cruise ship was design to feel like what it truly is – a ship.

Two swimming pools flank the middle section of the boat. While one sits at the stern of the ship, offering unprecedented ocean views. A computerized golf-simulator, large casino, a cozy wine bar, and a hopping disco offer adults a wide range of things to do. An adults-only sanctuary deck, spa, and gym center provide quiet havens from the outside world. A single-deck theater and a smaller, cabaret-style theater both offer live productions for voyagers and a scrumptious chocolatier provides yummy treats and edible masterpieces.

For those looking to take a family cruise, the Sun Princess features several age-appropriate children’s lounges jointly called Camp Discovery. With activities, games, and dances, the younger passengers will never have a moment of boredom aboard the Sun.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury getaway or a family vacation, you can’t go wrong when you book a cruise on the Sun Princess.

Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Since her launch in 2009, the Oasis Of The Seas has completely revamped the standard cruise ship experience. This boat is an absolute game-changer, really. Measuring in at a huge 225,282 tons with a capacity for up to 5,400 guests, both the layout and amenities present on this ship are simply the greatest.

This ship has a distinct neighborhood feel with environments and activities designed to suit a variety of clientele. The Oasis Of The Seas has something for absolutely everyone—and it doesn’t skimp on luxury.

Small To Spacious Staterooms

No matter which accommodation option you go for, all staterooms here are design to provide optimum comfort at all times.

From standard 179-square-foot cabins to larger family suites, plenty of great amenities flat-screen televisions and minibars are all included. Staterooms continually upgrade through 13 different categories until you reach the bespoke Loft Suites, which feature a two-story structure with breathtaking views and a large balcony. It truly doesn’t get any better!

Great Features And Entertainment on Oasis of the Seas

A unique layout is a focal point for this entire vessel. It provides a distinct feeling of togetherness despite the ship’s colossal size.

For families, the Boardwalk feature of the ship is likely to become your primary hub. Stretching a third of the ocean liner’s entire length, you will find an array of family entertainment. These entertainments will keep everyone happy and smiling. For adults, the Central Park neighborhood of the ship offers a truly upscale atmosphere with a range of activities and dining options.

Sport and fitness options are scattered across the ship. As well as a huge theater, multiple restaurants and bars, and distinct pool areas—plus plenty more. The Oasis Of The Seas really is a sight to behold, and it’s the only place to be for a luxury cruisegoer.

Voyager Of The Seas Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Voyager of the Seas Overview

Length Overall1020 Feet(311 meters)
Under Flag ofBahamas
Built ByKvaerner Masa-Yards
Width (Beam)154 feet(47 meters)
Tonnage75904  Gross Ton
Year Built1999
The cost to Build at Time$650,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byRoyal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
Speed in Knots/mph24 knots, 28 mph
Number of Passengers3282 – 3938
Number of Crew1180
Decks with Cabins8
Last Refurbishment2014-2018

Cruise Overview

Voyager of The Seas – A City of Its OwnWith the Voyager-class cruise ships classified as the eight largest in the world, Voyager of the Seas gives the term “luxury cruise” an entirely new, heightened meaning.

The perfect choice if you are looking to book a cruise with the entire family. This ship boasts absolutely everything needed to both impress and keeps everyone entertained at all times. Measuring in at a staggering 138,000 tons with a capacity of up to 3,114 guests, Voyager of the Seas quite literally feels like a city in its own right.

The Royal Promenade is the central focal point of its entire structure. It is length stretching across three-quarters of the ship. Acting as a convenient meeting place and a busy, vibrant hub for entertainment, this four-story atrium offers a variety of bars, eateries, and live music.

Departure and Destination Information

Royal Carribean Voyager of the Seas:

The Voyager class, 3,938 passenger Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas is owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

The Voyager of the Seas cruise plan is based on Australia and New Zealand cruises sailing from Sydney. During the summer season, Voyager sails around Asia with departures out of Hong Kong and Tianjin. It also visits Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

The ship sails under the flag of Bahamas.





Design For Comfort And Convenience

Specifically designed to be comfortable and convenient, Voyager of the Seas’ staterooms are available in a variety of different options. Ranging from 265-square-foot Junior Suites all the way up to the expansive Royal Suites complete with a separate living area. A baby grand piano. Expansive balcony, almost every living preference you can get here.

Voyager of the Seas is Sports Ready

The Voyager-class range of cruise ships is widely known for their emphasis on sports. Voyager of the Seas is certainly no exception.

Offering a full-size basketball court, rock-climbing wall, aerobics studio, and fitness center, there is always something waiting to entertain you on the sporting front. But, if sports aren’t your thing, there are still plenty of other amenities for you to enjoy. Amenities such as a three-story theater and jazz club. Not to mention the array of restaurants, cafes, and bars guaranteed to suit almost all dietary requirements and tastes.

Book a cruise with Voyager of the Seas today. You can lock in your luxury vacation aboard one of the world’s most expansive and sophisticated cruise ships.