Oasis of the Seas Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Since her launch in 2009, the Oasis Of The Seas has completely revamped the standard cruise ship experience. This boat is an absolute game-changer, really. Measuring in at a huge 225,282 tons with a capacity for up to 5,400 guests, both the layout and amenities present on this ship are simply the greatest.

This ship has a distinct neighborhood feel with environments and activities designed to suit a variety of clientele. The Oasis Of The Seas has something for absolutely everyone—and it doesn’t skimp on luxury.

Small To Spacious Staterooms

No matter which accommodation option you go for, all staterooms here are design to provide optimum comfort at all times.

From standard 179-square-foot cabins to larger family suites, plenty of great amenities flat-screen televisions and minibars are all included. Staterooms continually upgrade through 13 different categories until you reach the bespoke Loft Suites, which feature a two-story structure with breathtaking views and a large balcony. It truly doesn’t get any better!

Great Features And Entertainment on Oasis of the Seas

A unique layout is the focal point for this entire vessel. It provides a distinct feeling of togetherness despite the ship’s colossal size.

For families, the Boardwalk feature of the ship is likely to become your primary hub. Stretching a third of the ocean liner’s entire length, you will find an array of family entertainment. These entertainments will keep everyone happy and smiling. For adults, the Central Park neighborhood of the ship offers a truly upscale atmosphere with a range of activities and dining options.

Sport and fitness options are scattered across the ship. As well as a huge theater, multiple restaurants and bars, and distinct pool areas—plus plenty more. The Oasis Of The Seas really is a sight to behold, and it’s the only place to be for a luxury cruisegoer.



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