Expedited Visa

So you have to take a trip soon, as in: by the end of the month. If you don’t already have your travel papers in order, you may think that you’re simply out of luck. Don’t give up hope just yet, you may be eligible for an expedited passport and visa.

What Is Expedited Visa Processing?

Expedited processing is an option that allows you to get a new ¬†visa quickly. It’s sort of an emergency measure, and you might not always get your travel documents as quickly as you’d like, but it beats waiting around for six weeks or longer to be able to travel.

In some cases, an expedited passport can be in your hands the same day you fill out your application, but when you’re also seeking a visa, you might want to be prepared to wait up to four weeks. Expedited passports and visas don’t typically take long to process, print and deliver, but there is always the potential for unexpected delays, so act soon.

Expedited vs. Emergency Visa

Expedited visas are simply a way to speed up the processes. Emergency visas are available under specific circumstances, such as if your visa was lost or stolen or if you need to travel with someone in order to provide them with specialized care.

Getting An Expedited Visa

There are three steps to getting hold of an expedited visa:

  • Complete the visa application form depending on country.
  • Make sure that you have all of the required documents.
  • Pay the fee and submit your application and documents.

A good way to get your passport and visa back to you quickly: Write “expedite” on the envelope containing your application, use trackable express delivery, and spend a little extra on the overnight delivery fee. Additionally, if you submit your application to a regional passport agency, you can shave a little bit of time off of the process.

Expedited processing is much quicker than standard processing, but even so, the sooner you turn in your application, the better.