How Can I get an Appointment with the Regional Passport Agency?

Question & AnswerQuestion: My husband and I are traveling overseas in the next 16 days and now I need a passport. I am still thinking of getting one. I read that I can get an appointment with the Regional Passport Agency and get expedite services. My husband said that I must bring “proof of travel” with me to get my passport quickly. What must I bring to establish proof of travel?

Answer: Yes, you are right. The Passport Agency allows for “expedited Service” which will issue the passport within 7-8 business days and allow you to pick up the passport (will call) so you can avoid time-consuming mail delivery delays. Under situations of “extreme emergency” a passport can be available the same day. Proof of travel is very simple. Hence, your travel agent or even an internet service will provide a travel itinerary on their letterhead or under the internet firms website name. So, be sure to carefully book using the names of the individuals traveling and use that itinerary as proof of travel. Furthermore, bring all of the required personal documentation you will need for the regular.

These include:

And an unsigned form DS-11