Visa Pages – How many blank passport visa pages can I travel with?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQUESTION:   My upcoming trip is to Spain. I would like to know how many blank passport visa pages I should have in my passport before going to Spain with my family?

ANSWER:   In general, a traveler going overseas should have (2) blank visa pages within his passport book. If there is more than (2) blank pages, he is in a better position to travel without difficulties. There are times when someone traveling is not able to enter a country due to lack of blank visa pages.

Spain is a very nice country to visit, but you must meet some requirements before traveling there. One of those requirements is to have sufficient blank passport pages before entering Spain as mentioned above. The blank visa pages will allow Spain’s officials to stamp when entering or exiting the country. If there are not enough blank visa pages, then problems can arise at the port of entry into Spain. Importantly, the number of blank visa pages should exceed the number of countries you intend to visit during each complete trip (before returning home).

In addition to blank visa pages, a traveler should be sure to have adequate validity time on their passports before entering a foreign country. Generally, countries will request 6 months validity on a passport before a traveler can enter that country. What this means is that the passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the intended stay in a country abroad. Once again, you will encounter issues if you do not meet the requirements. The validity time will depend on the country. So, find out about the guidelines of the country you are going to before traveling there.