How Do I Speed up my Passport Form?

I just finishing fill out the  DS-11 Application Form how could I speed up my passport form? I am traveling to China soon and would like to have my passport back so I could apply for a Chinese Visa.



If you need your passport expedited quickly, there are three options. The pertinent question is, how quickly do you need it? If your departure date is two months away or longer, there is no need to expedite your passport quickly. The passport agency will have your passport to you within 4-6 weeks of the date you submit your application. Simply take your completed application to a Passport Application Acceptance Facility.

However, be aware, if you fail to fill out your application correctly or your photos do not meet the agency´s standards, the length of time is increased, sometimes considerably.

If your departure date is within a couple of weeks, the first option you have is taking your completed passport application to a Regional Passport Agency. These agencies are typically only for people who need a passport expedited within 14 days. Going the route of a Regional Passport Agency is more expensive than submitting your application through at a Passport Application Acceptance Facility.

But, if time is running short, using a Passport Application Acceptance Facility may not be an option.

If you are really running short on time, there are private passport expediting companies that can expedite a passport in as quickly as 24 hours. They are generally expensive, but extremely reliable. You can expect to spend four or five times on an emergency expedition as you will if you apply through a Passport Application Acceptance Facility or a Regional Passport Agency, but if you are in a bind, private passport expediting companies are worth the amount they charge.