Keep It Together: 10 Passport Pouches For Travel

More than 300,000 American passports are lost or stolen in the US every year.

Losing your passport can really ruin your travel plans. Plus, you also have to go through the hassle and expense of applying for a new one.

But, thieves physically stealing your passport isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when traveling. Passports now include a small radio frequency identification chip (RFID), making them more secure and convenient. But, there is growing concern that thieves could steal your information with a portable scanner.

To keep your passport and other valuables secure and organized, it’s a good idea to invest in a passport holder. Many of the latest models also come with RFID-blocking technology.

Here are some of the best passport pouches for travel to ensure you enjoy a safe trip next time you go away.

1. Bestkee Passport Wallet

The Bestkee passport wallet is perfect for replacing your regular wallet when you’re away. Made from soft Italian leather, it’s both elegant and functional, making it perfect for all your travel needs.

As well as its simple, classic design, this passport and ticket holder includes different slots for storing your passport, cash, cards, and boarding passes. Staying organized never looked so stylish!

2. BAGSMART Passport Holder

Are you looking for a passport pouch that keeps all your documents safe and organized? This BAGSMART model has more than enough room for everything you might need when traveling.

The slim and minimal design includes anti-rip fabric and separate compartments for cash, cards and your passport. There’s also space for documents such as boarding passes and travel visas. And, it’s lined with RFID-blocking fabric to keep all your information safe.

3. Spectrashell Waterproof Passport Case

Some passport holders are waterproof. But, the Spectra shell passport case goes one step further – you can submerge it in water without damaging your passport. In fact, should your passport fall into the water, this case will keep it afloat?

This case will ensure your documents are safe and dry if you’re island-hopping with all your belongings. It’s also great if you’re going out on the water for the day and don’t want to leave your passport behind.

4. Fintie Vegan Leather Passport Holder

Many people prefer the durability of a leather passport wallet to a nylon passport holder. If you’re the same but don’t like the cruelty factor of real leather, this Fintie vegan leather passport holder is perfect for you. And, not only is this passport holder certified vegan, it costs less than $10!

There are lots of different designs and finishes, and it also includes RFID-blocking technology. Plus, with different slots, you can keep your cards and boarding passes together with your passport.

5. Auopro Money Belt and Passport Holder

Unlike the usual bulky waist wallets, this Auopro money belt is slim enough to fit under clothing without being noticeable.

This passport pouch includes RFID-blocking technology. It’s also made from water-repellent anti-rip material for extra durability.

Inside, zipped pockets provide a secure location for your passport, cards, cash, and phone. And, with two stretchy belts to hold the pouch in place, it won’t sag when you load it up.

6. Arca Passport Holder

If you prefer to keep everything in one place, this Arca Travel Gear holder provides some serious organization.

This passport holder has various compartments with space for up to three passports, boarding passes, and five credit cards. Plus, there’s enough room for your smartphone and even a six-inch e-reader.

Once zipped up, the case is lightweight and comes with RFID-blocking technology, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap for easy wear.

7. Zero Grid Family Passport Holder

This Zero Grid multiple passport holders is perfect for family trips when you need to worry about keeping your children’s passports safe as well as your own.

This model has space for six passports and up to ten credit cards. And, it even includes a handy mini pen for those times when you need to fill out travel forms in transit.

8. Pacsafe RFID Blocking Bi-Fold Wallet

If you’re heading to a less-than-secure destination and are worried about thieves then this Pacsafe travel wallet is ideal.

Pacsafe specializes in products such as bags and wallets for travel that protect your valuables from theft. This particular model is great for backpackers who plan to spend time walking around crowded areas where pickpockets might consider you a target.

The wrist strap is strong and designed to tighten on your wrist if pulled. This makes it difficult for thieves to snatch it from your possession. Inside, the pouch has room for six cards, cash, coins, and several passports. Plus, it comes with RFID-blocking technology for extra security.

9. Lovie Style Phone-Charging Passport Holder

Long trips can often mean reaching your destination with zero phone battery. But, the Lovie Style passport holder helps solve this problem by including a backup phone charger.

The removable power pack is compatible with both iPhones and Android models. And, it comes with a charging cord which tucks easily into the fold of your passport.

The case itself comes in five different colors and includes RFID-blocking technology. Inside, it can hold credit cards and cash, as well as your phone and passport.

10. Travelambo Neck Wallet and Passport Holder

This Travelambo neck wallet is a good choice if you prefer to keep your travel documents and other valuables are hidden away.

The sleek, compact design ensures it lays flat against your body. An

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