Dallas Passport Offices – Expedited Passport in Dallas

Are you a U.S. citizen in need of a passport? Maybe looking for an Expedited Passport in Dallas? Do you have a passport that’s about to expire? Did you happen to lose your passport?

If you fall into any of the described situations, feel free to breathe a sigh of relief as we have you covered. If urgency is your issue, it’s possible to receive a passport on the same day if certain requirements are met. So regardless if you plan on getting a passport today or within the next month, here’s a look at what you’ll need to obtain a passport.

What You’ll Need For A Passport

There are a few things you’ll need before getting yourself a passport. Such things you’ll need are:

  • Proof of citizenship – A previous passport or a birth certificate.
  • Proof of identity – A previous passport, a military or government ID, or a driver’s license as these items should include your signature and photo. If you don’t have proof of identity, you may need two forms of secondary ID (such as a library card, a credit card, or a social security card.)
  • A Passport Photo – A passport photo needs to be a clear, particular-sized photo of your face. As these photos can be taken at drugstores or grocery stores with a photo lab, having a passport phone taken shouldn’t be a problem.

Once you have the documents above, you can fill out and submit your passport application at one of the following locations:

Passport Offices in Dallas, TX

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