Passport & Visa Document Pre Check

With the sheer volume of paperwork required, the application process for a United States passport can quickly prove to be overwhelming on the best of days. Despite this, it is of paramount importance that you make sure all of your required paperwork is filled out and included correctly, as failure to do so could result in the type of delay to your application (and by extension, your trip) that you just can’t afford.

With this idea in mind, Passport and Visa Document Pre-Check services are offered to help make sure things get submitted properly the first time.

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What Does Passport and Visa Document Pre-Check Include?

After filling out the associated form and paying the required service fee, a team of specialists will review and verify all scanned documents to help make sure that your application is in proper order and that it is ready to be submitted right away. If any discrepancies are noted, if documents are missing or if any other errors are identified, you will be told exactly what you need to do to correct the issues to help things get processed without delay.

Generally speaking, specialists will review all provided documents the same business day that they are provided – generally within three hours of submission, so long as they are received before 4:00 PM EST on a normal business day, Monday through Friday.