What is the Real I.D. Act?

Real ID Act Long Lines Airport

Everyone is in a panic over the Real I.D. Act, wondering if we are all going to need passports to travel domestically. Let’s breathe and break down the facts! So what is the Real I.D. Act? According to the Government’s website, the REAL I.D. Act will be fully effective January 22nd, 2018. This will require that US Citizens hold proper forms of identification to travel domestically by air. Many states are not currently compliant with their state-issued IDs and drivers licenses. Many Americans will soon need a passport to take a domestic flight in the US! Each state is going into effect at a different time, so you want to keep up with all the travel changes on our website!

The states that are in compliance already and must have an enhanced driver’s license or passport book/passport card to travel domestically. States that are not listed on the complaint list still are able to travel domestically with their state ID, for now.


Enhanced Drivers License vs Passport

Now only a certain amount of states offer an enhanced driver’s license, also known as EDL’s, which is New York, Washington, Vermont, Minnesota, and Michigan. So what happens if you do not live in these states but you need to travel domestically? You will need a valid passport card or passport book.

A passport book is valid for travel domestically and internationally by air, land, and sea. They range around $110 for an adult and last 10 years. A passport card is valid for domestic travel by air ( cannot board an international flight with a passport card), also valid for travel by land and sea. Mainly used for driving to Mexico & Canada. The frequent traveler who loves cruises also may want a passport card. A passport card for an adult ranges about $30 and is valid for 10 years. You can get both passports together or apply for each separate.

REAL ID Act & Minors

Now, the REAL ID Act is for adults, if you are 18 & younger you do not need to follow these guidelines as long as you are accompanied by an adult who has proper identification to fly. The Real ID Act will be in full effect for all 50 states in October 2020, so you may want to get ahead of everyone and apply for your passport ASAP that way you are ready to travel once your state passes the Real ID Act and you will be able to fly domestically. We are here to help with all questions and concerns so please keep yourself updated with our easy to navigate website!

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