Travel Tips: Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic

Travel Tips: The Best Way to Get Around Prague, Czech Republic

What Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic Have in Common

You may be wondering what possibly Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have in common with one another? They are 3 of the cheapest and most fun cities to travel to within Europe in 2016 and should be on the top of traveler’s ‘To-do’ list! Here’s proof of how travelers can live like kings in these cities with a breakdown of costs and practically free things to do. Review our Travel Tips: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.

Travel Tips: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic

Make sure you understand the different passport and visa requirements before you travel. For much of travel throughout Europe, you will want to know ahead if your destination is part of the Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is an agreement amongst many European nations to allow for visa-free travel for up to 90 days. American travelers will enjoy this opportunity to travel throughout much of Europe without having to deal with visa concerns.

Travel Tips: Prague, Czech Republic

Travel Tips: Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic Travel: For a little, less than $ and a z10.00 travelers can purchase a 48-hour travel card that allows them to travel all over the city of Prague for two days.
Accommodation: In this city, the cheapest hostels run at about 7-10 euros a night for a single dorm-style room. But, of course, if travelers want to treat themselves they can stay in a three-star hotel for two nights with two adults for about 100 euros! (Yes that means it’s about 25 euros per person, per night!).
The essentials: Yes, we are talking about booze and coffee! For less than $2.00 visitors can indulge in all beer, coffee, wine, and cola throughout this city.
stay for two adults in a three-star hotel: £70 ($100.78)
Top free tourist attractions: Get the best view of the whole city of Prague from the iconic 14th-century structure called Charles Bridge which is free of cost!

Travel Tips: Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic budapestTravel Tips: Budapest, Hungary

Travel: Here travelers can obtain a 48-hour travel card for under $13.
Accommodation: Single dorm hostels is as low as $7 a night. Or, private rooms begin anywhere from $12 a night. If the traveler’s want to shamelessly indulge in a two-night stay at a three-star hotel for two adults they can expect to pay about $62.
The essentials: Who could forget one of the most important aspects of a vacation? Coffee and wine tie for the cheapest at about $1.75 per glass. While beer is just about $2 per beer in local bars. So grab some friends and hit the city for the night!
Top free tourist attraction: Visitors need to spend time at one of Budapest’s natural hot spring baths. This is free of cost.

Travel Tips: Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic warsawTravel Tips: Warsaw, Poland

Travel: Here, travelers can obtain a 48-hour travel card for less than $7.00. With it they can explore all the city has to offer.
Accommodation: Hostels are on average beginning as little as $10 for one night stay per person! If traveler’s want to treat themselves to a three-star hotel they can get a two-night stay for two adults for less than $80.00 at certain hotels.
The essentials: Yes we are talking about beer, coffee, and wine. Coffee can be purchased for about $2.75, beer for just around $2 in pubs, and wine can be enjoyed at under $3.50 per glass. Does it really get better than this?
Top free tourist attraction: Visit the Royal Castle which is at the best price for any budget traveler: Free!


In conclusion, traveling to Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic should be a memorable experience that you’ll never forget. With proper planning and research, you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment of these beautiful countries. From exploring ancient castles, living in fairytale villages or tasting traditional foods and drinks on the cobblestone streets, there is something for everyone in these amazing places. Make sure that you pack appropriate clothing – it is imperative to dress appropriately if you plan to visit any religious sites or monuments.

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