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U.S. Passport Requirements

Traveling around the world is an adventure worth taking. With an almost infinite list of possible places to explore, who knows what stories you’ll have to tell afterward! Though chartering through different and interesting countries outside the norm is exciting, sometimes preparing for the trip is a nightmare. As with any big event planned in life, it takes a bit of planning and documentation to be able to leave your home country. Who knows, perhaps you’re a traveler which acts at the last minute or one who plans every scrutinizing detail leading up to departure. No matter which type of adventurer you are, there are a few key points that even the last minute wanderer must take into account: visas.

Size of Visa Photo

visa photosDepending on which country you reside in or are venturing off towards, a visa could be unnecessary. In the instance it is vital for a smooth international crossing, you may be wondering how to obtain one and what exactly is necessary for this stamp of approval. First off, receiving a visa is not nearly as tedious or difficult as sending in for a passport. Thanks to more modern technologies and countries adopting these faster, conventional methods, a visa is almost as easy as chugging down a smoothie, minus the brain freeze.

No matter the final destination, every visa has one aspect in common: a photo. Keep in mind, however, citizens of certain countries, such as the US, may not need a photo as a visa is electronically place into a passport. It also depends on the country visited. If you are traveling to a new land which requires a physical visa and photo, there are some simple tricks and tips for complying with regulations:

Mail-in Visa Photos:

Believe it or not, there are countries still requiring mailing in a visa request. This requires an application and submission for photos. Though different nations have a variety of requirements, for the most part, visa photo requirements are generally the same.

  • 2×2 is your lucky number to remember. Generally, the photo must be 2×2 inches.
  • Plain, white backgrounds are the rule of thumb. If taking a picture at home, be sure to stay away from any pattern wallpaper.
  • No thick-rimmed glasses, hats or smiles. Take it seriously, no pun intended.
  • Print out on photo paper. Regular printing paper is too thin and ink bleeds through. For good measure and to keep the process from slowing down, use gloss.
  • One shot per person. This may seem trivial, but family portraits are not acceptable for everyone in the family travel. Each person, including children, must be photographed separately.
  • Lighting. The biggest mistake made on visa photos taken at home or even by a professional (rarely) is having poor lighting. Be sure the photo isn’t underexposed or overexposed. Double check the shine on your forehead. If it’s a burning white spot, try again.

Online Visa Photos:

Adding onto the short list above, taking photos and submitting them online has a few added bonuses to pay attention for:

  • Dimensions. Whether you’re a computer guru or someone who has trouble texting, submitting photos online require strict dimensions and sizes of the photos. On the average photo, it requires a 600×600 minimum pixel length and width and a maximum of 1200×1200.
  • All photos must be JPEG format! A few sites may accept others, but the general consensus is JPEG as it’s most widely recognize and use. Be safe, use JPEG.
  • Size. Again this depends on the country, however, small photo size is what’s desired. No bigger than 240 KB.
  • Color. All photos no matter where you are going MUST BE in color. Black and white are absolutely unacceptable.

Now that you have a decent grip on how to fancy up your visa photos, the questions arise: Where to go for a visa photo?

First off there are pros and cons to both online and face-to-face. UPS and USPS are two of the more favored places to have a picture taken. Even chain stores such as Walgreens offer passport/visa photo services. One of the benefits of having the professionals take care of it is exactly that, they take care of it. You don’t worry about dimensions or background color. It’s finished. However, a small downfall is the cost. Prices range from $10-$20 per person. Plus if you don’t like the photo, you have to pay to retake.

On the other hand, online has much more perks than a traditional route of USPS. Getting a visa photo online is simple and easy, especially with. Unlike leaving your house searching for a store, online offers quick processing and allows you to submit your own photos taken at home. It saves on time and money for those up in the wee hours of the night planning a vacation. The requirements are much easier than anything previously mentioned. Simply take a selfie with your full face showing and some decent lighting and the rest if taken care of. Now you don’t have to sweat becoming compliant with regulations, the work is done by professionals. Plus, it’s lighter on the wallet. Depending on the site, a few bucks is all you pay. offers photos for as little as $.99 per photo! That’s a better deal than heading to a store.

Give visa photo online a try and you may never go back to the snail mail way again!