Macau Visa – How To Apply For A Macanese Visa

Are you thinking about visiting Macau for your next trip? Fortunately, you will not need a Macau Visa to travel to Macau for up to 30 days. You will need a passport that is up to date before your trip to Macau, however.

Macau Travel & Embassy Information

Passport Validity – All travelers to Macau will need a passport that is valid for at least 30 days after they depart Macau. Macau has a minimal validity timeframe required on your passport after you leave the country. The ideal amount of validity time that should be left on your passport when you depart a country should be roughly six months, this way you can travel to bordering countries without any issues.

Blank visa pages – Macau along with many other countries require at least two blank visa pages in your passport book when you arrive and depart Macau. This will permit any necessary stamps that will need to be stamped in your passport during your travel.

Transit Visa – Sometimes a transit visa is required when traveling to a country on a connecting flight. Countries that your fight stops at overseas may need to see a transit visa when connecting flights. Verify the details of your trip with your airline company.

NOTE: If you are traveling to China from Macau, you will need to obtain a Chinese Visa to do so. We recommend that you get all visas necessary for your travels demands before your trip to Macau.

Macau Embassy & Consulate Information

Embassy & Consulate Address Phone Number
Embassy of Macau
2300 Connecticut Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
United States

Additional Macau Information

Currency Macanese Pataca (MOP)
Language Chinese, Portuguese
Electricity Voltage: 220 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power sockets: type D / G
Country Code +853
Time Zone MST (UTC+8)