Enchantment of the Seas

Taking a cruise through Enchantment of the Seas offers an opportunity to enjoy an exciting adventure. While you can expect an adventure, you also need to ensure that you comply with standards for the cruise.

Valid Passports

The Enchantment of the Seas passport requirements are simple: all passengers must have a valid and current passport. The requirement applies to United States citizens, Canadian citizens and citizens of other nations who plan to enjoy the cruise.

Pay attention to the date on your passport before getting on the ship. Your passport must be valid and current. If you notice that the date is getting close or the passport is expired, then you need a new passport before the cruise.

Exceptions for U.S. Citizens

Although the Enchantment of the Seas passport requirements applies to every passenger, an exception exists for U.S. citizens. If you plan to enjoy a closed-loop cruise, then you can show other proof of citizenship in the United States. A closed-loop cruise means you leave from a port in the United States and then return to the same port.

Other proof of citizenship depends on your situation. You can provide a birth certificate, a consular report of birth abroad, a valid driver’s license or a passport card.

Visas for Visiting

If you plan to leave the cruise ship at a port in a foreign country, then you may need a visa. The requirements for a visa depending on the country and your country of origin. For example, U.S. citizens do not need a visa to enter Mexico for a one-day visit but may need a visa for other countries. Clarify visa requirements before boarding the ship to avoid complications.

Passports are required for most individuals on a cruise. You want to ensure that you comply with the requirement before you board a cruise ship to avoid any problems during your vacation.