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Lost Passport – What is the process to Apply For A Lost United States Passport?

QUESTION:   My brother lost his passport and I want him to come visit me in Austria. So, how can I advise him on getting a new passport to replace the missing passport?


ANSWER:   Lost or stolen passports occur regularly and must be replace before traveling. Hence, the applicant will need to report the lost passport right away. In order to replace a lost passport, the applicant must apply for a new passport using form DS-11. After completing and submitting the DS-11 Application for New Passport, the applicant must provide all the necessary documentations. These documents entail a photocopy of  proof of identityevidence of US citizenship, and a recent passport photo. Also, the applicant will need to appear at a passport application acceptance facility. When there, the applicant must provide the completed DS-11 and all supporting documents. So, make sure all the necessary documents are in hand before starting the process. Otherwise, the process can be delay for a period of time.

Form DS-11 and DS-64 are two forms the State Department requires when applying if the current passport is lost or stolen. Form DS-64 Application for a Lost Passport is the necessary form to submit to report a lost passport.

Regular passport processing usually takes about 4-6 weeks to obtain a passport. So, be patient and let the process takes its course. Unless, you are in a hurry. Then you can make use of an expedite passport service. This service will get your passport process within 2-3 weeks. To obtain a passport on the same day you apply, you will have to visit your closest regional passport agency. This is not a guarantee, but you will likely be able to get through. In addition, you can employ a professional expediter to submit your application for you. They can get your passport to you within 24 hours. This service will cost an additional fee and it mostly use during an emergency. Most times, applicants will use an expedite service agent or go the usual way of getting a passport.

Which ever service you use, you will have your passport to travel with. Just keep in mind to complete the process on time have all the require documents ready.

My Lost Passport – What must I do if I loss my passport?

what do do about my lost passport


QUESTION:   I am almost certain that I left my passport in a cab but the driver says that there was no passport inside. What is recommended to do in this situation where I think my lost passport will never be found?


ANSWER:    Losing a passport is a horrible thing. I remember when my lost passport showed up weeks later. By them I had already reported it loss. So, in your case this is what I advice you to do. First, if you have no intentions of traveling in 2 weeks, then you can go to a Passport application acceptance facility with a completed DS-11 form. In addition, you must submit form DS-64 to report you lost your U.S. passport. If you do plan to travel sooner, then you can use an expedite passport service agency. Such service will expedite the process for you to have a passport in about 2 weeks.

When you plan to go to a passport facility, do these things first before going:

  • Call and set up an appoint if possible before going.
  • If no appoint is necessary, show up early because these facilities tend to be busy.
  • Have all forms completed but not sign. You must sign them in front of the agent.
  • Fill all forms with black ink.
  • Have all the necessary fees when submitting the application.

If you follow these steps, your process of obtaining a new passport is going to quick and easy. Keep in mind when you are traveling to safe guard any important documents. You do not want your documents get into the hands of anyone other than yours. Also, replacing these documents cost money. So, keep them in a safe place.

Passport Acceptance Facilities – Where to Find Passport Acceptance Facilities?

Question: Where to find Passport Acceptance Facilities? I live in Arkansas and I would like to know where the closest facility is so I can apply for my passport.

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersAnswer: Passport acceptance facilities are not hard to come by if you have the proper tools. At the USPASSPORTHELPGUIDE.COM, there are plenty of information regarding locations of passport acceptance facilities, passport agencies, and embassies and consulates. Please click on Arkansas to get a listing of facilities in your state.

If you need your passport services in a rush, then you should visit your local passport agency. At the passport agency, they can turn around passports and passport services quicker than a passport acceptance facility.

In addition, if you are not in that much of a rush, you can mail your documents in for passport services. If you are eligible, mailing of passport documents for passport services is very convenient. We recommend that you use a tracking type of mailing system. This way you will know exactly where your documents are and when exactly they arrive to the destination.

USPS priority mail is a good service to use to mail your passport documents. In addition, it is advice to use a Tyvek envelope when sending the passport documents so none gets damage during the process.