K-1 Visa – Can you recommend different sources of information pertaining to K visas?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion:  I am applying for a K-1 Visa and I would like more information about it. Can you recommend different sources of information pertaining to K-1 Visa?


Answer:  The fiancee K-1 Visa is a non-immigrant visa offer to a U.S. citizen’s fiancee who lives in another country. This visa will permit the fiancee to enter the United States. Hence, they are able to get marry within 90 days of his/her coming into the United States. When that is complete, the fiancee must apply for an adjustment of status. The adjustment of status can lead to the fiancee becoming a permanent resident. Given this opportunity, the fiancee must still fulfill the requirements pertaining to an immigrant visa. If a child is involve, then the child of a K-1 Visa holder will receive a K-2 Visa.

The fiancee and the U.S. citizen must meet a minimum of 2 years before entering into their marriage in a face-to-face manner. Both the K-1 Visa holder and the U.S. citizen must submit evidence to prove they were legitimately free to marry. Also, the marriage was within the filing time of the petitioner and will have to remain that way for the time being. In addition, the marriage must be done legally and according to the states laws in which the marriage took place.