old passport backQUESTION:   I have just applied to renew my passport and I was curious if I will be getting my old passport back. Especially since it has plenty of cool countries that I have visited in it. Please advise.

ANSWER:   Many times, we receive questions pertaining to this subject. Multiple travelers will have destinations on their passports that are important to them. For that reason they wish to get their old passport back when they receive their new passport. In addition, travelers will have different reasons as to why they would like to keep their old document. Below will contain information pertaining to this matter.

For an applicant renewing their passport, the old passport will be invalid and cannot be use for travel. Though it will be invalid, it is important to still safeguard the old passport and keep it safe. The old document will be return since they are the original holder. The old passport is proof the owner is a United States citizen.

Just keep in mind that the new passport is mail first. The old one comes a few weeks later. Nevertheless, you will have both passport but can use only one when traveling. By having the old one, you can continue to preserve your memories on the different trips you took.

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