QUESTION:  Is there a passport card laws? Does the card architecture of a passport card meet the requirements that are set by law?

ANSWER:   To allow for the Department of Homeland Security’s operational necessities at the various ports of entry, the Department of State passport card comprises Generation 2 RFID vicinity read technology.

As per the legislation’s requirement, The National Institute of Standards and Technology has revise the architecture of the card. The card is thoroughly for the passport card before distribution by the Department of State. Which falls into compliance with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative or WHTI.

As of May 1, 2007, The National Institute of Standards and Technology has notify the Departments of State and Homeland Security that the card’s architecture meets or exceeds the relevant international security requirements. Also, it meets the best practices for the technology that will be in the card.

The passport card is a very effective and efficient piece of travel documentation use by WHTI. WHTI or Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is a form of a travel document. This document is use to travel between the US, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean via land or sea where necessary. This document does not replace a passport book.

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