Free TSA PreCheck Are Almost Over

According to a report by ABC News, the days of travelers getting to enjoy the advantages of the TSA PreCheck program without actually signing up for it are almost over. Up until February 2017, it was possible for people to be automatically have access to PreCheck security lanes. This was available at an airport even if they had not applied to be able to do so. In the near future, the program will return to its original intention. That is limiting only to people who are enlist or went through a vetting process by the TSA.

What is TSA PreCheck?

Since its inception, TSA PreCheck was a program administer by the Transportation Security Administration. This allow low-risk travelers to participate in expedite security screenings at airports around the country. Once a traveler gets approval, they can go through shorter and faster security lines at the airport.

The ultimate goal of TSA PreCheck isn’t just to reward travelers with a better, more fluid experience at airports. It also gives TSA officials more time to focus on passengers who may fall into a “high risk” category. Or, those who are generally less well-known during their trip.

What is Changing?

Anyone who actually wants to take advantage of the program must go through the proper channels and sign up. There is no automatic access anymore. A spokesman for the TSA said that this was a natural progression of the program. Also, that this narrowing of focus was always a part of the plan. Spokesmen also said that they did not expect this announcement will affect the way PreCheck lines are conducted.

Since 2013, an estimation of more than 12 million people have participated in either the TSA PreCheck or TSA Global Entry programs. Going through official channels and applying to the program via the Department of Homeland Security’s website requires both an application process and an $85 fee that grants a traveler access for five full years.



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