Passport Expediting – How to Get a Fast Passport

There can be many unforeseen circumstances that may require us to take an unplanned trip. For most of us who have a passport, the only time we may take a look at it is when are ready to take a trip. In some cases, our traveling document can be close to expiration or other time expired. What should you do if you find yourself in one of these conditions? Hire an expeditor to get a passport when you need one.

With a passport expediting you will need expeditors like Fastport Passport and Rush My Passport that can get a passport in as little as 24 hours. To use one of these services, you must provide all the required documents necessary to get a new passport. Also, how soon you need a passport will determine the cost of the service.

About US Passport Expediting

Expediting a passport application can take 2-3 weeks or 24 hours, it all depends on how soon you will travel. This service can be done for someone who is getting a passport for the first time or who wants to renew an almost expired or expired passport.

First Time Applicants (Adult or child)

For a first time applicant, follow these steps to get your expedited passport:

Renewing a Passport

If you are replacing a passport, follow these steps:

  • Completed DS-82 Form
  • Provide your expired or soon to an expired passport
  • Gather your supporting documents
  • Have your application and expeditor fees.

Lost or Stolen Passport

For a lost or stolen passport, submit:

  • Completed DS-64 Form
  • Gather your supporting documents
  • Have your application, execution, and the expeditor fees

Under all these circumstances, proof of international travel must accompany the application.

Passport Expeditors

Fastport Passport

Fastport Passport is a private expediting company that will help in getting a passport as quickly as possible. This expeditor makes the process as easy and straightforward as possible for all its clients. As part of their services, you can get a passport in 24 hours, in any state inside the US. They can expedite the process anywhere between 8-14 days. Fastport Passport is registered with passport agencies in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Houston. Not only do they offer expedited passport service, but also expedited visa. So, if you need a visa to ask an agent.

Rush My Passport

Rush My Passport is another expeditor who can assist in getting a passport in a hurry. This company is experienced in expediting and provides quality service. Contact one of their agents and get the help you need.


Expediting a passport application can be done with ease, but you must provide all the necessary documents. Also, this service is very costly, so be prepared to pay if you need your passport to travel overseas.