Brooklyn Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application

In the Borough of Brooklyn, there are many passport acceptance facilities. You will find them in post offices, county clerk’s office, and public library. All the sites have certified agents who will verify, collect, and package the application and supporting documents. When you apply, you have the option of routine or expedited services.

Brooklyn Passport Offices Processing Options

The two options will determine how quick you get your travel document. Routine or regular processing usually take 4-6 weeks but can sometimes extend to 8-weeks. However, expedited tend to decrease the processing time to 2-3 weeks, and this will allow you to have a new passport to travel at your leaser. You might be able to get these services at all locations. To verify if they are available, contact the site before going.

Rush Services

If you are in need of a passport sooner than 2-weeks, contact the National Passport Center hotline to get an interview at New York Passport Agency. Without an appointment, you cannot enter the building to get a new passport. The agency can get you a passport in 24-48 hours if you can provide proof of international travel. Just keep into consideration getting a passport this quick comes at a cost.


Before going to a passport facility, be sure to complete the right passport application form and have all the support documents. If you don’t, you will likely encounter delays in the process, and that can stop you from taking your trip on time.

Look at the list below and locate the nearest facility so you can start your process and have your new passport in time for your next overseas trip.

Brooklyn Passport Offices

Adelphi Station, Passport Section950 Fulton St
Brooklyn,New York 11238-2440
(718) 783-2444
Bath Beach Post Office (passport Sec)1865 Benson Ave
Brooklyn,New York 11214-3804
(718) 236-7197
Bay Ridge Station-passport Section5501 7th Ave
Brooklyn,New York 11220-3507
(718) 435-0642
Bay Station, Passport Section2628 E 18th St
Brooklyn,New York 11235-3611
(718) 648-2057
Blythbourne Station, Passport Section1200 51st St
Brooklyn,New York 11219-3801
(718) 633-1931
Brevoort Station (passport Section)1205 Atlantic Ave
Brooklyn,New York 11216-2709
(718) 638-7099
Brownsville Station167 Bristol St
Brooklyn,New York 11212-5639
(800) 275-8777
Bush Terminal Post Office -passport Section900 3rd Ave
Brooklyn,New York 11232-2008
(800) 275-8777
Bushwick Station1369 Broadway
Brooklyn,New York 11221-3617
(718) 602-3111
Cadman Plaza Station Post Office271 Cadman Plz E
Brooklyn,New York 11201-1801
(718) 855-0491