Gainesville Passport Offices – Submitting a Passport Application in Gainesville City, Florida

Do you want to travel out of your state on vacation, conduct business overseas, or attend a wedding or funeral of a loved one? Do you need a passport? If you answer yes to both questions, then visit our website to access reliable and valid information on how and where to go to obtain your passport. Obtain, correctly fill out, and submit your passport form, evidence of your citizen status, photographs, and fees to an agency that the Federal government has granted permission to do so.

Where to Submit a Passport Application in Gainesville City

Gainesville City Post Offices

In the Sunshine State of Florida, citizens who live in Gainesville City and Alachua County can go to any location that is found on our website to tender their passport applications. Gainesville residents can use the ten (10) facilities that encompass post offices, county clerk’s offices, and the university to commence the passport application process. Alachua County residents have access to approximately five (5) locations situated nearby.

Please remember that you are required to gather, fill out all documents to the best of your knowledge (You should seek assistance if you are unable to fill your form) and then submit them to the relevant location. Many of these locations have access for persons with disabilities, and many of them allow you to have your passport photographs taken. If you are not sure, call and seek out information to make your process easy and less tedious.

Gainesville Post Office Services

Routine Processing

The federal government has allowed you to apply through the regular or usual way. This process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks depending on if all the documents and fees are accurate. If not, they may be unnecessary delays and frustration that you may have to endure if these forms are not correctly complete and the right amount of fees sent. It is advisable to call and inquire as fees are subject to change at the government’s request.

Expedited Processing

If you need to travel because of an emergency, then you can utilize the expedited service to apply for your passport. This step will allow you to collect your passport within 2 to 3 weeks depending on the circumstance. You are required to provide proof of such extenuating situation. If you may need a passport sooner than two weeks, contact your regional passport agency who can get you a passport in 24 hours. In Florida, you have Miami Passport Agency and US Passport Agency.

Now you have some information on how and where to apply for your passport, go ahead and do so immediately, and remember to post your comments and feedback on our website.

Gainesville Passport Offices

U.s. Postal Service, Downtown Station401 SE 1st Ave
Gainesville,Florida 32601-6816
(352) 377-4513
University Of Florida715 Radio Rd
(352) 392-1134
University Station Post Office1630 NW 1st Ave
Gainesville,Florida 32603-1814
(352) 379-7736

Alachua County Passport Offices

Archer Post Office13553 SW Sr-45,Archer,Florida,32618-4079(352) 495-2565
U.s. Postal Service, Downtown Station401 SE 1st Ave,Gainesville,Florida,32601-6816(352) 377-4513
University Of Florida715 Radio Rd,Gainesville,Florida,(352) 392-1134
University Station Post Office1630 NW 1st Ave,Gainesville,Florida,32603-1814(352) 379-7736