Hampton Passport Offices – Getting a Passport in Hampton, Virginia

If you live in Hampton, Virginia, you have many options to have a passport. The Hampton Main Post Office accepts the passport applications and processes them. Hampton City has two passport acceptance agents, and the state of Virginia has around 99 locations where you can apply for a passport.

Wherever you will apply, the passport acceptance agent will help you. They will provide you with the passport application and guide you through filling it. The agent also can witness your signature and will get your documents sealed.

According to when you need the passport, there are two options, routine services, and expedited services. The routine services usually take from 4 to 8 weeks to get your passport while the expedited services take less than 3 weeks to get your passport.

Please notice that you need to call before visiting in order to get the full list of documents needed. Get all the required paper works before going in order to get your passport as soon as possible. Check the opening hours and the contact information and schedule an appointment before visiting.

Hampton Passport Offices

Hampton Main Post Office809 Aberdeen Rd
Hampton,Virginia 23661-1099
(757) 826-7948
Hampton Treasurers Office1 Franklin St
Hampton,Virginia 23669-3508
(757) 727-6374