Little Rock Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application in Little Rock, Arkansas

Having the required documents, and taking them to a passport acceptance facility for processing allow a US citizen to become the bearer of a US passport. You can send your application for renewal by mail, but if you are applying for the first time, you must go in person. Post offices, courts, and other offices are typical examples of places that American citizens can take their passport applications to have them sent for processing.

Yavapai County Passport Offices

The federal government has appointed passport application sites across the United States. They are placed within close boundaries to residents, thereby making the process easy and accessible. Citizens in Pulaski County have approximately four (4) passport acceptance facilities including a library and post offices that permit residents to bring their documents when applying for a passport.  People with disabilities may want to use a facility that grants access to them. Use our website to find the location that best suits your need.

Little Rock City Passport Offices

American citizens in Little Rock City, Arkansas can visit any of the four (4) passport offices in the local area. There are also passport acceptance centers in cities and counties that are closer to you than those in your particular city. Our website will help you reduce the commuting time and cost, visit it to know what you need to know.

Services Provided in Passport Offices

Routine Processing

Services are contingent upon the nature of the passport application. For example, the conventional processing resource is available to those applicants who want to obtain a passport within a reasonable time, which is usually 4 to 6 weeks for receipt of application forms and supporting evidence, and fees to passport delivery to the address provided by the applicant. Standard processing will cost an adult $145.00 and for a minor $115.00.

Expedited Processing

For an emergency situation, the expedited processing service will best serve this population of applicants. What constitutes an emergency will be determined by the agency granting the passport at the time. It is dependable upon the quality of proof submitted by the applicant. This must be in documentary form. This option will cost $205 and $175, adult and minor respectively. For more information, visit our website!

Other Vital Information

What Applicant Should Know

Because many of the facilities are not open on Federal holidays, you should call to find out when the location is available for business, hours of operation, and whether you have to make an appointment or walk-in is allowed. Know which is the correct application form to use because forms are used according to various purposes, such as first time applications, child passport applications, renewals, etc. Remember to leave a comment, feedback, or suggestion on our webpage.

Little Rock Passport Offices

Little Rock Main Office600 E Capitol Ave
Little Rock,Arkansas 72202-2422
(501) 375-5073
North Little Rock Main Office300 W Pershing Blvd
North Little Rock,Arkansas 72114-2224
(501) 758-3290
William F. Laman Public Library2801 Orange St
North Little Rock,Arkansas 72114-2200
(501) 758-1720

Pulaski County Passport Offices

Jacksonville Post Office1205 W Main St,Jacksonville,Arkansas,72076-4347(501) 982-3079
Little Rock Main Office600 E Capitol Ave,Little Rock,Arkansas,72202-2422(501) 375-5073
North Little Rock Main Office300 W Pershing Blvd,North Little Rock,Arkansas,72114-2224(501) 758-3290
William F. Laman Public Library2801 Orange St,North Little Rock,Arkansas,72114-2200(501) 758-1720