Passport Offices in Minneapolis

Residents of Minneapolis have several options to obtain their passport, including visiting one of 26 passport acceptance facilities that are in Hennepin County. Within the city of Minneapolis itself, though, those seeking a passport have the option of going to one of three post offices including:

  • United States Post Office – University Station
  • United States Post Office – Minneapolis (Main Station)
  • United States Post Office – Loring Station

Also located in Minneapolis are the Minneapolis Passport Agency and the Hennepin County Government Services Center, both of which can be visited to attain a US passport. All of these locations require you to make an appointment ahead of time, though, so be sure to call ahead and reserve a time slot. Once there, you will be required to provide a photo for your passport, so you will want to obtain that before your appointment begins. Along with providing a photo, you will be required to fill out a few forms, sign a few documents, and provide an original birth certificate. A brief interview may also be conducted by your passport agent.

Expedited passport Minneapolis locations are also listed below, though if you plan to travel within 30 days you may want to consider purchasing expedited passport services through a private expediting company. However, you choose to attain your expedited passport, having all of your necessary information and documents in place beforehand can help the process go quickly and smoothly.

Minneapolis Passport Offices

Hennepin County Gov. Service Center300 S 6th St
Minneapolis,Minnesota 55415-1308
(612) 348-8240
Uspo - Loring Station18 N 12th St
Minneapolis,Minnesota 55403-1331
(612) 333-6213
Uspo - Minneapolis (main Office)100 S 1st St, #106
Minneapolis,Minnesota 55401-2002
(612) 349-4715
Uspo - Twin Cities Amc5001 Northwest Blvd
Minneapolis,Minnesota 55442-3504
(612) 970-7690
Uspo - University Station2811 University Ave SE
Minneapolis,Minnesota 55414-3211
(612) 378-1853