Santa Clara Passport Offices — Renew or Apply for a US Passport in Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara residents can submit a passport application to a post office near them or any other in Santa Clara County. In Santa Clara, you will find seven post offices with agents who are trained to assist customers with forms, supporting documents, and fees. If your application is incomplete, the agent will inform you of the missing papers and suggest you return with all of them to continue the process.

Some post offices also offer to take your passport photo for a fee. Once your application is ready for processing, you have a choice between routine and expedited services. Your choice will base on how quick you need the document. Routine is the standard or regular processing option most people would select. While you are in a rush, then expedited service would be your choice. However, both options will get you a new passport.

Where to Apply For a Passport in Santa Clara City

Santa Clara City Post Office Services

Routine Processing

As previously mentioned, routine processing is the favored option if you are not in a rush. This process takes about 4-6 weeks which can be a long time for some people. In rare circumstances, it may take up to eight weeks before getting your passport in the mail. Regardless of the time the processing takes, you will have your traveling document ready for your next overseas trip. The price for this service is $115.00 for a minor passport and $145.00 for an adult.

Expedited Processing

To get a passport using expedited processing, you must first provide legitimate proof for a need to rush the process. Acceptable evidence can be a copy of your itinerary or E-ticket showing you departing sooner than four weeks. Once approved, the processing of your application usually takes 2-3 weeks. Again, there can be unforeseen factors that may delay the process, but this rarely occurs. You will pay $175.00 for a child passport and $205.00 for an adult. If you may need a passport sooner than two weeks, like in 24 hours, contact a passport agency near you.

Passport Agency

A passport agency has the authority to get a passport in 24 hours if there is an emergency that requires the applicant to leave the US in 24-48 hours. To get an interview, you must call the National Passport Center who will get an appointment with the nearest agency. If you go without one, you will be turned away. Passport Agencies are not in every state so may need to travel outside the one you live. The nearest agencies are in Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco.

Other Acceptance Facilities in Santa Clara County

As the post offices, other designated locations will accept your application. In Santa Clara, you can submit your form and documents to the Milpitas City Clerk or the Santa Clara County Recorder. At Milpitas, you are required to have an appointment before taking your documents. Santa Clara County Recorder also requires an appointment. Both locations application acceptance times are different, with an appointment you will get a specific day and time to appear.

Having all the information necessary to commence the process, you can start collecting the required documents to submit to your nearest post office, Milpitas City Clerk, or The Santa Clara County Recorder. By the time you are ready for your next vacation, you will have a new passport to go anywhere in the world.

Santa Clara Passport Offices

Mission Station Post Office1050 Kiely Blvd
Santa Clara,California 95051-4843
(408) 243-0128
Santa Clara Post Office Agnew Station4601 Lafayette St
Santa Clara,California 95054-1636
(408) 988-6477

Santa Clara County Passport Offices

Alviso Post Office1525 Gold St,Alviso,California,95002-9800(408) 262-4258
Campbell Post Office500 W Hamilton Ave,Campbell,California,95008-0549(408) 378-0226
Cupertino Post Office21701 Stevens Creek Blvd,Cupertino,California,95014-1119(408) 252-6534
Dell Station Post Office Los Gatos1587 Dell Ave,Campbell,California,95008-6903(408) 378-8041
Eastridge Station2200 Eastridge Loop,San Jose,California,95122-1465(408) 270-2368
Gilroy Main Post Office100 4th St,Gilroy,California,95020-5113(408) 842-1354
Los Gatos Post Office101 S Santa Cruz Ave,Los Gatos,California,95030-6701(408) 395-7526
Loyola Corner Los Altos Po1525 Miramonte Ave,Los Altos,California,94024-6002(650) 960-1846
Milpitas City Clerk455 E Calaveras Blvd,Milpitas,California,95035-5411(408) 586-3000
Milpitas Main Post Office450 S Abel St,Milpitas,California,95035-5211(408) 262-0860