Sioux Falls Passport Offices – Getting a Passport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

People of Sioux Falls, South Dakota have three different ways to get a passport. They can submit their applications at USPS – Sioux Falls Downtown Station, submit their applications at one of the three approved passport application agents located in Minnehaha County, or apply at one of the 45 locations in the state of South Dakota and get their passports done.

Routinely, it takes from 4 to 8 weeks to process the passport. However, if you need yours earlier than that, you can visit the expedited passport service or the closest regional passport office that is closer to Sioux Falls. Expedited services will take 2 to 4 weeks.

Wherever you are going to apply, you will find the agents friendly and helpful. They will provide you with the passport application and witness your signature. You will get your application and the other documents sealed.

Please notice that you need to schedule an appointment with the passport acceptance agents. Ask for the required documents too before visiting and get all the paperwork that they will need such as your birth certificate and Government-issued photo ids such as a driver’s license or military ID.

If you are busy or can’t go personally to one of the passport application acceptance facilities, you can authorize a third party to apply for a passport for you.

Sioux Falls Passport Offices

Uspo - Meadows Postal Retail Store2501 S Louise Ave
Sioux Falls,South Dakota 57106-4325
(605) 575-3561
Usps - Sioux Falls Downtown Station320 S 2nd Ave
Sioux Falls,South Dakota 57104-7500
(605) 357-5001

Minnehaha County Passport Offices

Uspo - Brandon1120 E Holly Blvd,Brandon,South Dakota,57005-9998(605) 582-6062
Uspo - Meadows Postal Retail Store2501 S Louise Ave,Sioux Falls,South Dakota,57106-4325(605) 575-3561
Usps - Sioux Falls Downtown Station320 S 2nd Ave,Sioux Falls,South Dakota,57104-7500(605) 357-5001