What is The Travel Requirement When Traveling on a Cruise?

If you are planning a cruise with your family or significant other, there are some things to know before taking off. I know you are excited and can’t wait to see new places and make memorable moments with your loved ones. But, remember you are going to a different country, regardless if it is one in the Caribbean or across the ocean to Europe. Each has its laws, and all visitors must comply with them.

Valid Documentations

Passport Book

First, let us start with your documents. It should not matter if you are going on a closed-loop cruise or not. A closed-loop cruise is a cruise that starts and finishes at the same port. Anyone going should have a valid U.S. passport to return home. The passport must have at least six months of validity. Some countries may accept three months validity. However, it is best to apply for a new passport if it has a few months remaining before it expires.

The process for a passport can take 4-6 weeks under normal condition. For rush service, you can get it sooner around 2-3 weeks. However, there are private expeditors and regional agencies that get you a passport in 24 hours. The quicker you expedite the process; the more your new document will cost.

Passport Card

Some countries like Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will accept a passport card. The requirements for a passport card similar to the book. It must have at least six months validity. Since the card usage is limited to a few destinations, the cost is less than a passport for both adults and minors.

Minors can have a passport book or a card. If the cruise is closed-loop, minors can use their birth certificate instead. For international travels, it is best to get a passport book. It will make re-entry less stressful when coming through immigration.


Some countries require a visa for entry. However, some cruises will provide a visa if it was necessary. Also, most cruises usually stop at a port for a day which means a visa may not a must have.


Now that you have the information before you book a cruise or leave for one make sure you have your documents store in a safe place. Also, if anyone going needs specific medications, make sure you have enough available for the trip and extra for a few days after. There could be delays on the trip and not having the medication you need can become a problem. Make sure your finance is more than enough as well. All these precautionary methods will prepare you in case any delays arose during your cruise.