Rules for Pets While Traveling: A Guide About Traveling With Pets

If you are planning on taking your pet on vacation or for any other reason to another country, you should know the laws that apply to travel with pets.

Understandably placing your pet in someone else’s care while you’re away might be uncomfortable or too expensive, so it only makes sense to take the pet with you. From documentation to health checks, here’s all you need to know about traveling with your pet.

Traveling Local or International With A Pet

When traveling domestically, your dog does not need any identification, though it is highly recommended to bring it regardless.

When traveling internationally, on the other hand, you will need a few things. For starters, like any person, a pet requires a passport to travel abroad. Commonly known as a ‘pet passport,’ it is additional forms of documentation that allows your pet to go over an international border.

Some Requirements Before Traveling

Before you take your pet on an adventure, there are some requirements you must adhere to before going. Here are some conditions:

  • make sure that your pet has been in the US for at least six months for safety reasons involving the contraction of rabies
  • your pet needs to go to a veterinarian location approved by the USDA
  • it should get a rabies vaccination
  • visits and vaccination must be within 30 days before travel abroad

Pet-Friendly Airlines & Travel Review

Airlines Price Cabin Checked Bags Restrictions
Jetblue Airlines $125.00 Each Way Yes No JetPaws Program only accept small cats and dogs
American Airlines Contact Airline for Prices Yes Yes American Airlines pet policy states they do not accept pets that are brachyacephatic (snug-nosed) dogs as check baggage
United Airlines $125.00 Each Way Yes Yes United Airlines policy states that pets are not permitted with unaccompanied minors and must be pets most be at least 4 months to travel.
Southwest Airlines $95.00 Each Way Yes No Southwest Airlines policy states that pets are only allowed in the main cabin and are not allowed as checked baggage.
Delta Airlines $125.00 Each Way & $200.00 for the Virgin Islands and International Yes (Service Animal Only) Yes Delta policy states pets are only allowed in the cabin if the pet is a service animal all other pets are required to be check-in as check bag.
Lufthansa Airlines $92.00 USD (Domestic) $115.00 (Europe) $200.00 Japan Yes Yes Lufthansa Airlines requires that are the kennel be escape-proof and recommend that the kennel be sturdy plastic or wooden cages.
Amtrak $26.00 Yes (Pets are only allowed in Coach Class) Your pet must be at least eight weeks old and be odorless and harmless.
Spirit Airlines Contact Airline for Prices Yes No Spirit only allow pets to be in the main cabin only
Frontier Airlines $75.00 Yes No Frontier only allow pets to be in the main cabin only
Air India Contact Airline for Prices Yes Yes Some routes in-cabin pets are not allowed.

Plane Regulations For Pets

There are also plane regulations for taking your pet. Your pet must be able to live in the environment comfortably; it is traveling depending on the temperature and other factors. Make sure the pet is well fed and not thirsty before boarding.

There are three ways your pet can travel with you:

  • on the plane with you
  • on a separate flight
  • or, by a licensed commercial pet shipper

While having your pet travel with you is the best option, your pet might not be permitted to travel with you, whether it is due to size or breed. This is when the commercial shippers come in as they have more options as to transporting your pet, all to give your pet the best experience.

So, make sure you abide by all the rules so that your pet can travel. Once you are on your vacation, keep a close eye on your pet. Make sure it doesn’t come in contact with other sick animals before returning home. You do not want to carry any disease when traveling as well as return with any.