Visa On Arrival for U.S. Citizens

For those who are looking to travel abroad, Visa On Arrival can provide a much-needed convenience. U.S. citizens now also have the opportunity to acquire Visas on Arrival, allowing them to embark on their journey and explore different cultures in other countries that require Visas from travelers.

You may be ineligible for a visa-on-arrival depending upon a number of factors. Every country will use a different set of standards, and they may make decisions on sort of a case-by-case basis. What we’ve listed below is not, by far, a universal checklist, only a rough guideline of how a country might evaluate you for a visa-on-arrival:


  • You are visiting for strictly recreational reasons
  • You do not have a home or work in the country you are visiting
  • You are a person of good financial standing (in other words, they like the idea that you’re here to spend money)
  • You are not considered an “undesirable person” (criminal records, etc.)
  • A passport has more than six months before it expires.

Visa Processing Time

You can obtain a visa upon arrival in as little as 10 minutes or you may be required to wait for hours. The processing time for a visa on arrival depends on several factors.

  • Speed of Officer at the Visa on Arrival Booth
  • Number of Application
  • The application form has been updated
  • Have all Required Documents

What Countries Require Visa on Arrival for U.S. Citizens?

A visa on arrival is an entry permit that is issued once you have arrived in the country you are visiting. Below is a list of countries that currently have visa-on-arrival.

Burkina FasoCape VerdeComoros
Papua New GuineaParaguayQatar
United Arab EmiratesZambiaZimbabwe

How Many Countries Can a U.S. Citizen Visit Without a Visa?

The Henley Passport Index ranks the United States passport as the 8th most powerful in the world in terms of travel freedom. Presently, holders of US passports can visit approximately 180 countries and territories without the need for a visa or can obtain a visa on arrival.

What is the Duration of a Visa on Arrival?

The duration of a visa on arrival typically ranges from 14 to 30 days, but please note that the specific duration can vary depending on the visa policies of the respective countries. Upon approval of your application, you will be informed of the granted duration for your visa.

What is the Difference Between an Embassy Visa and a Visa on Arrival?

A Visa on Arrival and an Embassy Visa differ in the following ways:

  • For a Visa on Arrival, there is no need to apply before traveling. Instead, the visa will be issued upon arrival at the entry point of the destination country.
  • To obtain an Embassy Visa, it is necessary to schedule a visa appointment at the embassy/consulate of the destination country and apply for the visa before traveling. Entrance without a visa in advance is not possible.


In conclusion, a visa on arrival is an attractive option for tourists looking to enjoy a hassle-free traveling experience. Though costs may vary, budget-savvy travelers will be able to take advantage of doing away with the time and effort traditionally required to receive visas before traveling abroad.

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