The Truth About Passport Expeditors

How do passport expeditors work? Is a passport expeditor a legitimate method of obtaining a passport?  These are some of the most common questions at U.S. Passport Help Guide we usually get in this article we would try to explain how the process works. So this will be a very informative post about which passport expeditor is the right one, and how to go about choosing a passport expediting company to expedite your vital documents.

There are many expeditors around the nation from small mom and pop shops to larger companies like CIBTvisas, Fastport Passport and Rush My Passport anyone of these companies would be able to obtain your expedited passport. The bottom line is they all state the same thing. They can get your passport fast online without the hassle.

Question to Ask the Passport Expediters

  • Which passport agency would process my passport application?
  • How long is the company in business?
  • What is the cancellation policy?
  • Would my passport application be outsourced to a third party company?
  • Do you have a physical location?
  • What passport agencies are you registered with?
  • How many years have you been doing passport expediting?
  • Are you on the BBB and are you accredited?
  • Can we contact a customer via email to ask for a reference?

What to do before Purchasing Passport Services?

  • Check the companies other reviews on public review site like Yelp, BBB and Facebook.
  • Call the 800 number and make sure someone pick up the phone, and customer services is being provided.
  • Check if they have any online chat services.
  • Make sure the company where you are purchasing the service are the actual passport courier, and not a third party vendor.

How Does Expediting a Passport Works?

When looking to use a passport expeditors it is recommended that you first try to get your passport with the regional passport agency in your area. If this is not possible due to location of the passport agency or no appointment is available then we recommend finding a reliable passport expeditor from our passport expediting directory.

How does a private company be able to process my passport application? Private companies could only expedite passport in emergency situation you will need to be traveling within fourteen day or thirty days if a visa is required. These companies  are  “couriers” that hand-carry your passport application into the regional passport agency that they are registered with  meaning they will hand deliver your passport application to the passport agency, and communicate any problems with the application then delivery you application back to you.




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