Costa neoRomantica: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Costa neoRomanatica Overview

Length Overall722 Feet (220 meters)
Under Flag ofItaly
Built ByFincantieri
Width (Beam)105 feet(32 meters)
Tonnage56769 Gross Ton
Year Built2009
The cost to Build at Time$325,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byCarnival Corporation & PLC
Speed in Knots/mph19 knots, 22 mph
Number of Passengers1578 – 1894
Number of Crew650
Decks with Cabins8
Last Refurbishment2017

The Costa neoRomantica is an ultra-modern, boutique-style luxury cruise for Italophiles and lovers of unique vacations. In 2011, over 90 million euros were spent on refurbishing the neoRomantica. Part of the refurbishment was expanding it to offer an additional two half decks. So, the Costa neoRomantica is now one of the best cruise ships on the water with exciting itinerary options.

Costa neoRomantica Staterooms

The neoRomantica has a total of 789 staterooms. The staterooms make it a more compact cruise ship in comparison to other ships that were built in recent years. Thus it is an ideal choice for travelers who prefer a less overwhelming environment and more privacy from fellow passengers.

Staterooms are expansive in size. Some measure from 175 square feet in interior to 200 square feet for the exterior ocean view rooms. The aesthetic of the ship is very European in nature. Each deck and decoration are named after a different city. In addition, luxury abounds with inlaid wood, crystal, marble, and mosaics littered throughout the ship.

Dining on neoRomantica

Fine dining is a guarantee on the Costa neoRomantica. Gourmet menus are base by region. The Italian Sommeliers Association recommends the finest wines for special events. Passengers can schedule their meals at the formal dining hall at different times. This provided flexibility for them.

Great Amenities

The ship is grandeur. This is display in the main show theater which spans two decks and design in epic fashion. There are also many relaxing lounges such as the glass-wall observation lounge on the top-deck. A ballroom in the rear of the ship is a great source of evening entertainment. It provides a casino and a variety of bars for more night-time fun.

There are four hot tubs and two swimming pools on the ship. A fitness center and spa can are available for you.

The Costa neoRomantica is a great option for family cruises. There is an abundance of activities for children including playrooms, video arcades, children’s pool, and of course, the best cruise prices. Enjoy your next vacation on the Costa neoRomantica and see the world in style!