Costa Victoria Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

Costa Victoria Overview

Length Overall820 Feet (250 meters)
Under Flag ofItaly
Built ByBremer Vulkan Werft
Width (Beam)105 feet(32 meters)
Tonnage75166 Gross Ton
Year Built1996
Cost to Build at Time$390,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byCarnival Corporation & PLC
Speed in Knots/mph23 knots, 26 mph
Number of Passengers1928 – 2314
Number of Crew820
Decks with Cabins9
Last Refurbishment2018

The Costa Victoria is a ship of genius design with fine craftsmanship and abstract artistic inspiration. This is display throughout the entire vessel and lifting it to an elegant upper echelon of luxury cruise ships. So, the short version is that you will definitely want to book a cruise on this exquisite ship.

Costa Victoria Beauty

The Victoria was the first mega-ship to join Costa’s fleet. It is distinctly European in design. Thus, the futuristic observation deck is line with glass walls facing the bow to the Concorde Plaza. On the ship primary square, passengers will feel like they are in a modern, sea-faring version of an Italian piazza. Furthermore, the Concorde features a wall of windows, four-story-tall waterfall, and a constant buzz from passengers.



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