MSC Fantasia Cruise Ship: Expert Reviews & Passport Information

MSC Fantasia Overview

Length Overall1093 Feet (333 meters)
Under Flag ofPanama
Built ByChantiers de l’Atlantique
Width (Beam)121 feet(37 meters)
Tonnage137936 Gross Ton
Year Built2008
Cost to Build at Time$550,000,000
Owner and/or Operated byMediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
Speed in Knots/mph23 knots, 26 mph
Number of Passengers3274 – 3929
Number of Crew1370
Decks with Cabins9
Last Refurbishment2018

The MSC Fantasia is one of the largest and most glamorous entries on the MSC line of cruise ships. It features a spectacular amount of space with a passenger capacity of 3,274 and tonnage of 137,936. All of that space is wonderfully design to appear elegant and stylish. Offering engaging amenities to entertain you for the entirety of your trip.

Fantasia Exclusive VIP

Traveling on the MSC Fantasia also comes with the choice of being a part of the exclusive MSC Yacht Club. Essentially, this is a first-class, member’s only section. A part of the ship is design with top-of-the-line luxury cruise options such as a private restaurant, L’Etoile, butler service, a pool, whirlpools, sundeck, bar and the classy Top Sail Lounge with panoramic views of the horizon. Of course, these VIP members can also travel into the public areas of the ship which other passengers will be spending their time in.

Fantasia Fabulous Amenities

If you choose a non-Yacht Club trip, you can still have a fun family cruise.  And, a trip you will not forget. The gorgeous multi-floor atrium leads into boutique shops like the La Caramella candy store, Il Cappuccino Coffee Bar, restaurants La Cantina Toscana and El Sombrero, the immense Fantasia Bar, and more!

Design For You

The massive Teatro L’Avanguardia seats 1,600 people at a time and has a modern grand design. It highlights the performances that regularly grace the stage. Casino della Palme will take care of all your gambling needs. You can also spend your time at the cigar lounge, poker room, or pastry shop named Piaza San Giorgio.

Restaurants, bars, pools, and activities abound are just a few to mention. You can rest assure that when you book a cruise on the MSC Fantasia, you are guarantee a vacation full of excitement, fun, and memories that will last forever.



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