Passport Card Versus Passport Book – Should I get a Passport Card instead of a Passport Book?

QUESTION:  I travel a lot to Canada and I was wondering if I should obtain a passport card instead of a passport book. Will the card be less expensive than the book?


ANSWER:   This means when you are traveling to Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, or the Caribbean.

Passport cards have a RFID chip that does not contain any personal information of the passport cardholder. Instead, it has information that points to biographical information and photographs that comes from the government databases.

If you are not able to use form DS-82, then you must use form DS-11. This form is use when applying for a passport card. Form DS-11 will obligate the applicant to appear in person at their local passport application acceptance facility. At this facility the applicant can get his or her passport card. On the contrary, any applicant that is already in possession of a passport book and can use form DS-82 will be able to apply for a passport card. This could be done by mail. Also, an applicant will be able to use the same form, DS-82 when they apply for a renewal of their passport book at the same time that they apply for the passport card if need be.