Steps for Expediting a United States Passport for a Newborn Baby

baby passport pictureTraveling abroad with a newborn baby already has its share of stress, so make sure you take care of getting a passport for your little one well before your scheduled trip. First of all, you should be aware that passports for minors are a bit more complex than applying for an adult passport because the State Department requires proper documentation with evidence, proving the  parents are indeed the child’s parents or guardian.

A number of local post offices and retail postal stores have passport acceptance agents who can witness the signature of the passport form, some acceptance agents  require  no appointment. However, an appointment is necessary at all official passport agencies. You can find applications and other relevant forms online via the U.S. Department of State’s website.

How to Apply for a Newborn Passport

To complete the process, you will need:

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • A DS-11 passport application
  • A photo of the newborn
  • The parents’ IDs
  • If applicable, court documents proving the parent and child relationship
  • The required fee

Complete the Process Using These Four Steps:

Step 1 – Passport Application Form

You will need to obtain a copy of the application form DS-11 for new passport. You will need to fill out the application form,  but do not sign the DS-11 application until asked to do so by an acceptance agent. 

Step 2 – Proof of Citizenship

Proof of citizenship. Provide a copy of the newborn’s birth certificate including both parents’ names for the baby’s proof of citizenship. If the applicant is a natural parent, this will also prove this relationship.

However, if the child is adopted or the applicant is the legal guardian, a copy of adoption papers or court documents should be brought along as well to demonstrate your legal right to have the child. A copy of the front and back of each parent’s ID (driver’s license or passport) is necessary.

Step 3 – The Baby Passport Photo

Bring along a 2″ x 2″ printed color picture of the baby. The photo should have a white background, so either lay the baby on a white sheet and photograph from above, or put them in their car seat with a white sheet behind. Only the child may be in the photo (no adults holding them); the photo should be a close-up of their face — no shadows, eyes open and looking into the camera.

Step 4 – Submitting the Application

Go to the passport agency. Go to the passport agency of your choice with the photo and documents. Both legal parents should be present; if one cannot be there, they must provide a notarized statement of consent form (Form DS-3053). The actual ID from each parent should be brought along as well as the copies that were created in Step #2.

Sign and pay. Sign the DS-11 form only when directed by the acceptance agent. Pay all applicable fees including the expedite service fee if faster service is use. At this time, the expedited service fee is $60. Overnight shipping fees may apply as well and are not included in the $60 fee.

If for some reason you cannot get your passport expedited with the passport agency U.S. Passport Help Guide recommends Fastport Passport to get your passport expedited for your newborn in as little as 24 hours.