Oasis of the Seas Passport Requirements & Travel Information (Royal Caribbean)


The Oasis of the Seas Passport Requirements are simple: all travelers are required to have a valid passport. This includes those who are citizens of the United States and Canada and who want to enter the United States via land, air, or sea. US citizens who will be experiencing sea and land crossings while they are sailing to destinations in the Bahamas, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Mexico or Canada could be eligible for an exception to this requirement.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Oasis of the Sea?

For a smooth and hassle-free cruise, Royal Caribbean strongly suggests that all American citizens carry a valid U.S. Passport book that is valid for at least six months beyond the duration of their cruise. If you do not have a passport, you can still sail with an official U.S. state-issued Birth Certificate and a supporting government-issued photo ID for U.S. sailing only.

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What Travel Documents Are Needed to Board Oasis of the Sea?

  • COVID-19 Test Result (if applicable): Passengers who are traveling on transpacific sailings that end in Australia, as well as those who are taking sailings from Australia, are required to undergo a pre-cruise test before boarding the ship. You can find the specific testing requirements for your cruise by referring to the information provided here.
  • Health Status Questionnaire: Make sure to complete the necessary tasks on the Royal Caribbean app before boarding the ship.
  • Government Identification: The types of identification that are accepted may differ depending on the individual’s nationality, as well as the departure and disembarkation ports. To find out which forms of identification are accepted, please refer to the information provided below.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and Forms (if applicable): Although COVID-19 vaccination is not mandatory for most sailings, some countries still require it for cruising. If you’re sailing from Australia, guests aged 12 and above must provide proof of full vaccination to board. Additionally, a few countries mandate that you complete COVID-19 related travel authorizations before embarking on your voyage.
  • Travel Visas (if applicable): Please note that visa requirements differ based on your nationality and the country you will be departing from. Kindly refer to the guidance provided for further information.

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What Forms of Identification Do I Need to Board Oasis of the Seas?

Guests must have valid identification when boarding the ship, which may vary depending on nationality and departure/disembarkation ports.

Identification for U.S. Citizens

  • U.S. Passport Book that is valid for more than six months.
  • For U.S. homeport departures, a state-issued birth certificate is a valid ID. If 16 or older, also show a driver’s license or government-issued picture ID.
  • If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can use an Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL) as a sole document for sailings departing from U.S. homeports, instead of having to provide both your birth certificate and picture ID. However, Enhanced Driver’s Licenses are only obtainable from Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Washington State. Keep in mind that an Enhanced Driver’s License is not the same as a REAL ID-compliant ID, as you can identify an EDL by the flag on the front.
  • If you are a United States Permanent Resident, you will need a United States Permanent Resident Card. It is also highly recommended that you possess a passport from your home country.


As long as these United States citizens travel on Oasis of the Seas closed-loop cruises that begin and end in the same US port, they can re-enter the country using other citizenship documentation. A birth certificate or picture ID issued by the government, a certificate of naturalization or a consular report of born abroad certificate are all acceptable forms of documentation.

Despite this exception, Royal Caribbean, the cruise line company that oversees the Oasis of the Seas, recommends that every traveler arm themselves with a valid passport before boarding one of their ships. Doing so could significantly reduce the number of complications and delays that could arise if a traveler must fly back to the United States before the end of the cruise. A passport facilitates a smooth entry back onto the ship should the traveler miss it at one of its ports.