Elizabeth Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Elizabeth Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application in Elizabeth, New Jersey

New Jersey residences who live in Elizabeth or Union County can visit any post office or other designated acceptance facilities to submit a passport application. In Elizabeth, there are six post offices alone, but in Union County, there are fifteen. So, you can choose any to start your application process.

All the post offices have certified agents to accept your form, supporting documents, and fee. After the agent agrees with your papers, he or she will give you two options for processing. These options are about how soon you need your new passport. If you are not in a rush, routine handling is the right choice. If you need your original traveling document soon, then expedited processing should be your choice. The cost per process differs, and so does the time your application takes to process.

Applying for a Passport in Elizabeth – Elizabeth Post Office Services

Routine Processing

Routine processing applies to applicants who are not in a rush for a new passport. One reason for not rushing is the time this process takes. Typically, it takes 4-6 weeks with this option, but on rare occasions, it may exceed six weeks. So, if you do not need to travel internationally any time soon, routine processing is the choice for you. If you must leave the country sooner than four weeks, then it is best to use expedited processing. The cost for this service is $115.00 for a minor passport and $145.00 for an adult.

Expedited Processing

With your trip fast approaching or you have an emergency that won’t allow you to wait 4-6 weeks for a new passport, expedited processing will have your original travel document in 2-3 weeks. But before you can use this option, you must provide proof of travel, and it must be sooner than four weeks. Your evidence of international travel can be a copy of your itinerary or E-ticket. If you can provide anyone, you will get your passport at the time mention. If you need a passport sooner than two weeks, contact a passport agency. You will pay $175.00 for a child passport and $205.00 for an adult.

Passport Agency

A regional passport agency can get a passport in 24-48 hours in case of an emergency. To employ one, you must first obtain an appointment through the National Passport Center. The Center will find the closest agency, whether in your residing state or where one can be seen, and get an interview for you. The nearest agencies are in New York City and Philadelphia. You can choose the one closest to you. This service is the more expensive of the other two options. So, be prepared to have the necessary fees before going to the agency.

Other Acceptance Facilities in Union County

In Union County, there are other acceptance facilities you can submit your application.  You can visit Roselle Public Library, Scotch Plains Public Library, Union County Clerk’s Office, or Union County Courthouse to drop-off your documents. Be aware that the acceptance times are different for all these locations. Also, some may require an appointment so call before going. You will get both routine and expedited processing at these locations.

With all this information, you can choose which location you can drop-off your documents to get a new passport. Start the process today and pay the fee for routine processing instead of waiting and then have to pay for expedited processing. It is best to have a passport when you don’t need it than not to have one when you do and pay a hefty price.

Elizabeth Passport Offices

Elizabeth Main Post Office310 N Broad St
Elizabeth,New Jersey 07208-3705
(908) 820-8487
Union County Clerk's Office2 Broad St, Rm 114
Elizabeth,New Jersey 07201-2202

Union County Passport Offices

Berkeley Heights Post Office364 Springfield Ave,Berkeley Heights,New Jersey,07922-1107(908) 464-1115
Cranford Post Office3 Miln St,Cranford,New Jersey,07016-5105(908) 276-3506
Elizabeth Main Post Office310 N Broad St,Elizabeth,New Jersey,07208-3705(908) 820-8487
Fanwood Post Office275 South Ave,Fanwood,New Jersey,07023-1324(908) 322-7978
Garwood Post Office202 Center St,Garwood,New Jersey,07027-1208(908) 789-0315
Linden Post Office400 N Wood Ave,Linden,New Jersey,07036-4145(908) 925-8836
Muhlenberg Station Post Office1080 Arlington Ave,Plainfield,New Jersey,07060-2949(908) 753-1480
Netherwood Station Post Office1120 North Ave,Plainfield,New Jersey,07062-1633(908) 753-0445
Plainfield Post Office201 Watchung Ave,Plainfield,New Jersey,(908) 226-5256
Rahway Post Office123 E Milton Ave,Rahway,New Jersey,07065-4015(732) 388-3264