Hartford Passport Offices – Where to Submit a Passport Application in Hartford, Connecticut

Is it time to get a new passport? Hartford residents can visit a post office to submit a passport application. In fact, there are ten post offices in Hartford to drop off your documents. At the post office, you will find certified agents who will assist by verifying you are submitting the correct form and supporting documents, as well as, you paying the correct fee. Some post offices also offer to take passport size photos for a price. In addition to accepting a passport application, post offices also provide two forms of processing. Each type will determine how quick you get your new passport.

Hartford Post Office Services

Routine Processing

Routine processing or standard processing is mostly used by applicants who are not in a rush to get a passport. This process usually takes 4-6 weeks but may increase due to circumstances beyond the processing center control. However, if this should happen, the best advice is to wait and be patient. One advantage of this option is that it is the cheaper of both choices. The cost for this service is $115.00 for a minor passport and $145.00 for an adult.

Expedited Processing

Expedited or rush processing is for anyone who needs a passport sooner than standard processing. With this option, you may get a new passport in 2-3 weeks. But, to get approval, you must provide proof of international travel. Providing a copy of your itinerary will be enough evidence to get approval. If you need a passport sooner than two weeks, visit a regional agency. You will pay $175.00 for a child passport and $205.00 for an adult.

Other Acceptance Facilities

As the post offices, other designated buildings will accept your application. These sites are a courthouse, county clerk’s office, and public library. In addition to receiving applications, these sites only offer routine processing. When compared to the post offices, all the other acceptance facilities operate on shorter hours and most have just one agent. Because of this, you are likely to have longer waiting time to get service. However, the cost of routine processing in all locations is the same. So, visiting anyone will get you a passport in average processing time.

Now that you know where to take your application, it is best to get a passport using routine processing before you need one to travel internationally. Getting one using routine processing will cost less than if you use rush service. Some rush service can cost twice for regular processing. So, don’t pay more if you don’t have to do so.

Hartford Passport Offices

Bishops Corner Post Office12 Crosshill Rd
West Hartford,Connecticut 06107-3721
(860) 231-2871
East Hartford Main Post Office850 Main St
East Hartford,Connecticut 06108-9992
(860) 528-6529
Elmwood Village Post Office121 Shield St
West Hartford,Connecticut 06110-9992
(860) 953-4920
Hartford (silver Lane Bra.) Post Office888 Silver Ln
East Hartford,Connecticut 06118-9992
(860) 569-8633
Hartford (washington St.) Post Office189 Washington St
Hartford,Connecticut 06106-9992
(860) 240-1740
Hartford Main Post Office141 Weston St
Hartford,Connecticut 06120-9000
(860) 524-6092
Hartford Public Library500 Main St
Hartford,Connecticut 06103-3003
(860) 695-6337
Old State House Station Post Office80 State House Sq
Hartford,Connecticut 06103-9992
(860) 240-7553