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Teach Abroad

Looking to teach English abroad? Making the decision to pursue a teaching career abroad isn’t just a bold new way to unlock the career you’ve always dreamed of – it’s also an excellent way to make a contribution outside the boundaries of the United States. According to a recent study conducted by International TEFL Academy, there are currently more than 250,000 native English speakers working as English teachers all over the world in 40,000 different schools. According to Forbes, 100,000 native English speakers were teaching in China alone in 2012.

If you are going to teach abroad, however, there are many important things to keep in mind. Particularly, when it comes to your visa and other essential travel documents.

Teaching Abroad Salary by Country

  1. United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) – Starting salary of $4000.00 per month depending on a school like most middle eastern countries the requirement for the teach abroad program are usually very tough, and most teaching jobs require you having experience in your home countries.
  2. Oman – Starting salary of $3500.00 per month
  3. Saudi Arabia – $3000.00 per month you will require having the following certification and qualification (TEFL certificate, and Teaching experience)
  4. Japan – $3000.00 per month
  5. Kuwait – $2600.00 per month
  6. South Korea – $2500.00 per month
  7. Vietnam – Up to $2000.00 per month
  8. Taiwan  – $2000.00 per month
  9. China  – $2000.00 per month

Teaching Abroad: What You Need to Know

According to USA Today, nearly all of the countries on Earth where you could apply for a “teach abroad” position will also require you to have a work visa in order actually to gain and maintain employment. There are some exceptions to this. Many countries in Europe only allow people with European Union passports to teach abroad. For example, though countries like Poland do not share this requirement. In Latin America, it is possible to teach abroad with only a tourist visa. Saving you the trouble of having to obtain a work visa for the same position.

The exact requirements for a work visa will vary wildly depending on exactly which country you’re talking about. But, there are a few things that will always remain the same. Applying for a work visa is something that you will do after you’ve been given a job offer but before you leave. You’ll usually have to provide some essential documents like a copy of your TEFL certification and relevant medical forms, and you’ll likely have to go through a background check as well.

If the date that you’re starting work is quickly approaching and you don’t have the six to eight weeks to wait for the processing of your work visa or your passport (or both), you can also always use a third party expedited visa service in your area. These are third party couriers who will collect all of your documents and submit them on your behalf, getting your work visa and other travel items to you in as little as 24 to 48 hours.