Butler University Study Abroad Program

Butler University Study Abroad Program

The Butler University study abroad program offers over 200 programs in more than 70 countries to meet their globally curious students’ demands. From the first semester of their sophomore year to their senior year, Butler students are encourage to study abroad, according to their college.

Butler’s innovative programs have them recognized nationally. The GALA program, unique to Butler University study abroad, is as one of the 50 best study abroad programs in the country! Students are encourage to spend a semester abroad, but the twist is they get to travel all over a region versus being in one university like a traditional study abroad program.

Butler University Study Abroad Programs

Trips to Africa, the middle east, through the Americas and the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, and trips throughout continental Europe are inclusive to Butler students with their study abroad programs. Both university programs and affiliate programs are utilized to offer students trips that they dream about. Butler University works with SIT, ISEP Exchange Affiliate Programs, AIFS, and IPSL to name a few of the trusted programs they work with.

Other life-changing opportunities abroad include internships and research opportunities as well as service learning and student teaching abroad! Whether students want to study as an exchange student or travel to various locations during their trip, Butler University offers it all.

GALA Program

The Global Adventures in Liberal Arts (GALA) program provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for selected students to travel to more than one location during their study abroad term. Up to 20 students are selected for this program, and the location is always changing. In the spring of 2017 students traveled to the Mediterranean with the GALA program. In the spring of 2018 students will get to travel all over the Caribbean!

Other noteworthy qualities of the GALA program are that students will be living and travel with one Butler faculty member. A member who also teaches one course while abroad. Throughout the trip, “guest” faculty members will join the trip to teach a course that pertains to the area they are in.

Butler Faculty-Led Programs

The Butler University study abroad program differs from traditional programs also in their faculty-led programs. Both semester and summer faculty-led programs are offered! This option is popular for students as they can feel more comfortable abroad as they have a familiar face that understands the norms of their home university regardless of the country they are in.

There are over 10 summer program options and 2 programs for semester terms. If students choose a semester faculty-led program they can decide to travel to Spain or to participate in the award-winning GALA program. The Butler semester in Spain program hosts students at the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid!

Contact Butler University Study Abroad

Don’t hesitate to visit Butler University study abroad website to gain more information about whatever questions still remain. However, there are a few direct contacts that students or interested persons may speak with.

Jill McKinney M.A., M.S.Ed., Director of Study Abroad


Sarah O’Neall, M.S.Ed., Associate Director for International Exchanges

Passports & Visas

One of the most frequently asked questions from students planning to study abroad is regarding passports and visas. Any international trip requires a proper passport. Passports must be valid for up to six months after the return date of your trip. If a new passport is necessary, start the application process well in advance. Typically, passports take 4-6 weeks to process, but expedited services are available if students need it ASAP.

Student visas are generally necessary when students study abroad. Though, this depends on the country they are traveling to as well as how long they plan to stay. For more information about your specific trip and visa needs please contact your study abroad program or the U.S. Embassy. If you think you need a passport processed fast, please drop us a line. We have a network of passport specialists that can help you get your passport as quickly as 24 hours.