Emory and Henry College Study Abroad Programs

Emory & Henry College Study Abroad students in Spain
The Emory and Henry College Study Abroad Program gives students to access to over 150 study abroad programs in more than 40 different countries! The college has partnerships with 10 different study abroad organizations. These partnerships and affiliations give Emory and Henry students many more resources and assistance when traveling abroad. What is unique about the colleges’ study abroad program is the degree of depth it goes into for the students to get a life changing experience.

Emory and Henry students, regardless of their major, are offered exciting international experiences that have the college recognized as one of the best universities for study abroad. With an emphasis on active engagement during the programs abroad, students have a rare opportunity to enhance their global awareness through a hands on understanding of the cultural diversity and global independence. In short, the Emory & Henry College Study Abroad Program prepares students to be a contributing member of the global society.

Emory and Henry College Study Abroad Programs

Emory and Henry College Study Abroad Programs include semester and summer abroad trip as well as work, intern, and volunteer abroad opportunities. The Study Language Abroad program is the most effective for learning a language seeing as students are fully immerse in the program, and language, they choose.

E&H Study Abroad Program Highlights

The Emory Abroad semester long programs include European trips to study Italian Art in the home of the Renaissance, as well as a trip to the Czech Republic and Poland to study the Social Psychology of the Holocaust among other options. The program also travels to Central and South America. Some of the trip highlights include trips to Belize, Cuba, and Costa Rica. Another exciting trip is to Panama to study Tropical Biology. Semester long programs also extend to Asia. This allows students to study at Vietnam to get a closer look at the economics of growth and development.

Study Language Abroad

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish are all languages available to learn via the Study Language Abroad Program.

Emory students are encourage to study Arabic in Jordan which is in the heart of the Middle East. The program includes excursions to Jordan’s national treasures such as Petra and the Dead Sea. Here students will learn in more detail about the fallen empires, visit impressive religious sites, and explore this in-demand language.

Contact E&H Office of International Education

Besides visiting their official website for more information as well as pictures and videos, there are two staff members that are the best resource for answering questions about studying abroad with the E&H programs. We also recommend the Emory and Henry College Study Abroad Facebook page.

Celeste Gaia, a professor, can be reached by email at cgaia@ehc.edu

Bence Bays, the Coordinator of Civic & International Education Support Services, can be reached via email at bbays@ehc.edu

Passports & Visas

Every international trip begins with obtaining a valid U.S. passport. Including students going through Emory and Henry College Study Abroad programs. Student visas are also a requirement typically if you plan to stay for over 90 days. However, it varies per country. Passports typically take 4-6 weeks to process. But in the event of needing it sooner due to a trip, expedited services are available.