University of Delaware Study Abroad Program

In 2013, the University of Delaware celebrated its 90th anniversary of launching America’s very first study abroad program in 1932! In the 90 years of practice, the Institute for Global Studies (IGS) aka the University of Delaware study abroad program has perfected the art of making innovative and exciting study abroad programs to offer students.

Hence, IGS coordinates about 100 programs each year sending students worldwide on semester-long, short-term, faculty-led, and exchange programs. The University of Delaware encourages all of their students to study abroad. This includes outreach to their LGBTQ students, students with disabilities, and especially students of all different races and ethnicity. Thus, the significance of this is that UD works to make sure their students understand study abroad is inclusive and does not discriminate.

The University of Delaware is truly dedicated to creating and maintaining global connections as they have many partnerships worldwide. Don’t believe us? Just click here to view all of the partnership agreements UD college has internationally.

The University of Delaware Study Abroad Programs

UD offers students a great range of study abroad programs depending on the desired duration of the trip, location, and overall predetermined outcome the student may want. Full immersion language programs are on one side of the spectrum and on the other side are UD Micro-semesters that are only 3-4 weeks long to suit all students needs.

Semester Programs

UD’s semester programs offer a variety of courses in a variety of majors in a 3-month period. Students will be taking pre approved UD courses abroad which mean there will be no transfer of credits. They will have the chance to obtain 12-15 credits while abroad.

Foreign Language courses (FLL) are encouraged for this program as the course load is lighter than a normal semester at UD, so students can focus on their language skills more in depth. Trips to Morocco, Germany, France, and Argentina were taken among much more in 2017. Past IGS programs have taken UD students to Australia and Thailand to study finance and business because both countries are important business hubs for emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Some students also spent their winter in Brazil with the IGS semester programs.

UD Micro-semesters

One particular thing unique about the University of Delaware study abroad program is their Micro-semesters programs which are in the winter and the summer. These short-term programs are about 3-weeks long and students take one course. UD faculty teaches this course and accompanies the group abroad. This is a great option for students who want a little extra direction when going abroad.

More Information on the University of Delaware Study Abroad Program

UD study abroad faculty understands that uprooting and temporarily going abroad is not an easy task. The IGS program has many resources for students within fingertip reach if they have questions about a program, country, or other non-UD programs.

In addition, UD keeps up with their students abroad and want to give those students their chance to share their experiences with the world. UD study abroad blogs are a very insightful way to see all the excursions and opportunities available once students are abroad.

Passports & Visas

University of Delaware Study Abroad students will want to get their passport early. Routine passport processing can take 4-6 weeks or longer. In addition, you may also need a student visa. Your program director may be able to assist with the requirements and documents. So, for more information or urgent passport processing, please get in touch with us today.