University of Illinois at Chicago Study Abroad Programs

University of Illinois at Chicago Study AbroadThe University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) is the largest university in the Chicago area. This University has nearly 29,000 students enrolled. Enroll students are in 15 colleges and in 87 different countries worldwide. Thus, all colleges are accredited UIC study abroad programs!

The UIC Study Abroad Program wants to send students on this global lesson and does everything they can do to assist. Furthermore, there have been more than $119,000 in internal and external scholarships and grants awarded as of 2017 to study abroad students from 9 colleges and going to 19 countries this year alone.

So, thinking ahead is what makes UIC a good choice of colleges for study abroad. Though they are very proud of the students who are embarking on their worldwide trips, they are already counting down until Spring 2018 Programs begin.

UIC Study Abroad Program Highlights

The University of Illinois at Chicago Study Abroad program highlights some of their exhilarating and unique trips offered to students on their web page. So, some programs are India: Sustainable Development and Social Change, School of Field Studies, CIEE Global Institutes, IES Direct Enrollment, IEW 12.12.12 programs, Public Health programs, Engineering programs, Undergraduate Research, and International Internships.

CIEE Global Institutes

For nearly 70 years, CIEE has been the nation’s leader in producing high-quality international study abroad and exchange programs. So, what’s their secret? CIEE is a non-profit, non-governmental international exchange organization with intentions of raising the standards of international education. In addition, CIEE offers upwards of $5 million in scholarships and grants each year. Some financial highlights include the Summer Session Discount that gives students 20% off. Also, Needs Base Grants if you are eligible which will cover your international airfare, Merit Scholarships, and a summer sweepstakes.

School for International Training (SIT)

The University of Illinois at Chicago Study Abroad offers the trip of a lifetime to live and study in India. Thus, students will examine India’s socioeconomic development trends and contemplate ways for sustainable social change. Students will have the opportunity to learn Hindi while also exploring critical issues India faces on a day-to-day basis. These courses may study the language of Hindi, but they are taught in English and are worth 16 credits for UIC students.

Exchange Programs

UIC works to partner with other accredited institutions worldwide to offer a wide range of Exchange Programs to students. Students interested in this option should consult with the Office of International Affairs as new opportunities are regularly added.

Students can go for an exchange semester or a full year at RMIT Melbourne Australia. Or learn some hands on business in Brazil during their summer program. The popularity of other programs can help students choose to study at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, at the Universidad de Desarrollo in Chile, or even go to the Dalian University of Technology in China. The opportunities are quite wide for this type of study abroad trip.

Contact UIC Study Abroad

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