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The Dickinson College study abroad program makes sure that students never feel alone. More than 40% of the Dickinson faculty have led or taught a Dickinson program abroad. Advisors offer assistance with program selection, application, and all other inquiries students may have. This hands on assistance have helped send students abroad for more than 50 years at Dickinson College!

There is a Dickinson faculty advisor for every Dickinson abroad program. The college works hard to maintain its connection with the partner host institutions. It is also very proud of its defining characteristic of closeness throughout its programs. Research opportunities, language immersion, scholarships, and culturally adventurous opportunities are part of the Dickinson College study abroad programs.

Dickinson College Study Abroad Programs

Long-Term Programs: Dickinson Programs, Partner, and Non-Dickinson Programs

For all the students who take part in a Dickinson College study abroad program nearly 70% of them participate in Dickinson Programs and it’s not all that surprising after revealing how the program is created. More than 40% of Dickinson faculty have led or taught a Dickinson Program which gives it a more personal feeling than other programs. In addition, there is a Dickinson faculty coordinator on campus for every international Dickinson Program so students never really feel alone.

Dickinson Programs and the international host institution have a relationship formed on mutual respect and students reap the benefits of this in their care abroad. Programs send students all over the world! Internationally there are programs in Yunnan China, France, Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, several focus studies in England, Beijing, Cameroon, Australia, Russia, South America, and Spain. A domestic program is also offer to students to study away at a university in New York City.

Partner and Non-Dickinson Programs

Dickinson college recognizes that there may be locations or programs that their students want to explore that they cannot offer. Therefore, the college has strategically developed partnerships with some of the oldest and most respected study abroad program providers such as the well-known and trusted CIEE program. For the other 10% of students who still can’t find something that suits their needs, there are Non-Dickinson Programs.

Short-Term Programs

Dickinson College offers unique short-term programs to their students. Obviously there are the typical summer program trips, however, Dickinson does it differently. Summer programs are in one of the global sites and are taught by a Dickinson faculty member and run four to six weeks in duration. Summer trips are typically specialize in language studies and major studies. There are programs for archaeology to Greece, language to Moscow and Spain, as well as others.

On the contrary, a unique aspect of short-term programs is the option of Globally-Integrated Courses/Mosaics. To be quite honest, these courses are not necessarily short-term programs as they usually are blend with a semester-long course. However, the course can only be completed once the domestic and international portions are finished thus making it fall under the short-term study abroad programs.

Global Scholar Program

Another important partnership Dickinson has is with the Akita International University (AIU). This is significant because the two co-fund a grant from the Japanese government to provide a past Global Scholar Program to Japan in the Spring-Summer of 2015. This program focused on conducting in-depth research on the perceptions of quality of life among older adults and the access to health care services.

The program sought out five of the most promising Dickinson students with an interest in health care, elder care, health policy, and/or Japan in general to participate. The researches were in two different locations, one in Pennsylvania, U.S., and one in Akita City, Japan.

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Passports & Visas

Dickinson College Study Abroad students must have a valid passport prior to departure. Obtaining or ensuring you have a valid passport is the first step to any study abroad trip. In order for a passport to be valid, it must not be expired and also must not expire up to 6 months after you return from your trip. Passports an take about 4-6 weeks to process. Though private and trustworthy, services are available if there is proof of departing in a short notice.

Student visas and visas, in general, vary from country to country as well as the planned duration of your trip. Please contact us if you have questions about your passport and visa application process. Some visas can take several weeks to process, so be prepare to apply early!