University of Evansville Study Abroad Programs

University of Evansville Study AbroadAside from being a fully-accredited, private, liberal arts and sciences based university with its affiliation with the United Methodist Church the University of Evansville has a study abroad program that is getting them nationally recognized. UE’s dedication to international education is top notch. The University of Evansville study abroad program at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England is ranked number one in America by

The University of Evansville has 2,140 students that come from 55 countries and 44 US states. The university prides itself on its global awareness and student preparation for becoming a functioning member of the global community. UE students are building houses in Nicaragua or learning about British life and culture in the United Kingdom.

UE wants students to know that the possibilities are endless. Also, that they are there to support them in their international excursions. Regardless where you are in your planning progress, a proper US passport and visa are necessary. These services are easy to get even if you didn’t plan your time well. Hiring an expedited passport/visa company to get your passport to you in 48 hours before your trip is also possible.

Highlighted UE Study Abroad Programs

Harlaxton College Program

In addition to their central location in Indiana, UE students can be studying in a 100-room Victorian manor-house off the countryside of England one hour north of London! The Harlaxton College program has been around for 40 years and is where University of Evansville faculty and students have a second home.

Semester Programs/ ISEP Exchange Programs

The University of Evansville has many eccentric choices for students who chose to study abroad for a full semester. These countries include Africa, Spain, Heredia Costa Rica, Oaxaca Mexico, and locations in South America such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay!

The ISEP Exchange Programs are a great choice for students as it provides the most affordable and most immersive study abroad programs in many countries. ISEP prides itself on the slogan “Live like a local” and is a non-profit educational community dedicated to helping students not be held back from traveling by the financial and academic barriers. Upon visiting their website, the user types in their university and then ISEP works to tell you your options for study abroad.

Faculty Led Programs

UE takes faculty led programs to the next level. Some of the university’s most famed trips include building houses in Nicaragua with Habitat for Humanity or the Jezreel Expedition in Israel.

Some upcoming short term faculty led programs include:

“Understanding the Jamaican Healthcare System” in Jamaica in Fall 2017,
Cuba “Skate GAP Project” taking place in the Spring of 2018,
“Understanding Mexican Culture” in Mexico in Summer of 2018
and “British and US Health Care Systems” in The United Kingdom with a date that is TBA.

Contact UE’s Study Abroad Office

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Passport & Visa Requirements to Study Abroad

Remember that a valid passport and a visa are necessary for your study abroad experience. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months past the date of your return home. Processing for a new passport takes 4-6 weeks or longer. Apply early or contact us for more help on your passport and visa needs.