I have been Charge with a Felony. Can Felons Get Passports?

Passport Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQuestion: My fiancee was previously charged with a felony. She was found guilty but did not serve any jail time. She had probation and then complete that portion of her time. We are marrying in a few weeks and decide to travel to France for our honeymoon. Therefore, can felons get passports? How long will it take?

Answer:  This is a great question. There are various rules regarding passport applications for people who have felony records. Hence, it depend upon the type of felony and the travel destination to get approval.

Most people convicted of a felony are able to obtain a passport. However, if the charge was about drugs and crossing international border, then this can lead to a denial. First, you must determine the nature of her crime. Next, the exact situation as it relates to any recors of the crime. Lastly, the country you wish to visit. Information on nature of the crime is on the court documents.

Next, determine if the the regional passport office has any questions regarding the application. You can find a regional office here. Make an appointment and see the regional agent in person. If there is no problem with her history, you should be able to get a passport very quickly. Be sure to check this article to comply with all the requirements and documentations you will need. In addition, provide documentation on your coming marriage. This can lead to additional support for her getting a passport.

Finally, contact the consular section of the Embassy of France for information regarding her status and ability to travel to France. You do not want to be turn away when you arrive in France because of her status.