Emergency Contacts Question on Passport Application. What should I put in that part of the form?

Question & AnswerQuestion: I have an issue with the emergency contacts question on the passport application. Question number 18 on the form asks for emergency contacts. I am not sure who would qualify for my emergency contact.

I am divorced and my children are grown and live outside the U.S. So, I do not have any close relatives living in the U.S. Most of my friends are my neighbors who do watch over me since I am alone. . What should I put in that part of the form?

Answer: The purpose of that part of the form is to allow others to deal with an emergency should you find yourself unable to deal with it. Hence, typical situations that warrant an emergency contact would be extreme medical emergencies, death or incarceration.

If you know of someone you trust to make proper and appropriate decisions on your behalf put them in that part of the form. If you have a trusted advisor such as a lawyer who has power of attorney you can use their name. Remember its an unusual situation that requires good judgement and communication skills.

You should use someone who speaks English. In any case of an emergency situation, you will need someone who can effectively communicate with the U.S. Embassy agent.