Felony Expunge – Could I Get a Passport with Felony Expunge?

Question & AnswerQuestion: My mom was arrested for a supposed felony about seven years ago. The case went on and about 5 years ago, it was thrown out of court for lack of evidence. I think the term use was expunged. Can she travel now and get a US Passport? I would like to take her on a trip. She has been through such a hard time. Can passports be issued if a felony expunge is in place?

Answer: If the felony charge was expunge, she should be good to go for applying for a US passport. For your information, the term expunge means that a court has put in place that the legal record of her arrest be sealed or “erased” in the eyes of the law. Simply putting it, it was very stressful time for her, that event in her life is behind her now. So, there should be no restrictions in terms of travel or applying for a passport.

Now, go ahead and follow this link to see the process she must take to get the passport.

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