Denied Passport Due to Child Support

Question & AnswerQuestion I have contacted a passport company about my child support arrears and as to why I had a denied passport application. Their answers were a bit confusing to me. They told me to call the National Passport Information Center, who then told me to call another department.

I would like to clarify this situation. I make payments for my child support and I also include my arrears in those payments as well. So, I am confuse as to why I am being denied a passport if I am making payments.

Answer Though you are making payments, the amount you still owe in arrears exceeds $2500. This will cause them to deny your application for a passport because any one that owes $2500 or more in arrears will not be able to obtain a passport. I would recommend that you call the State Child Support Enforcement Agency in the state which you owe arrears.

Make sure that these steps clear your name off of the list for arrears of child support:

  • Get in touch with the State Child Support Enforcement Agency to ensure that you have a payment plan set up.
  • After you complete the first step, have the State Child Support Enforcement Agency contact the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to notify them of the payment plan that was establish for the arrears in child support.
  • Then confirm that the Department of Health and Human Services contacts the Passport Services to remove your name. This can take 2-3 weeks.
  • After you are in the clear and removed off the list, you can apply for a new passport. Usually, regular passport processing takes about four to six weeks. Expedited services take about two to three weeks process. Also, if need be, you can submit a passport application at a regional passport agency which will help you get a passport in less than two weeks.